Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ushering the Tiger Year!

Chinese New Year... eating non-stop of steamboat, pineapple tarts, nuts, bak gwa... I think I'm definitely going to put on a few more kilos. Above pic, myself with my cousin. Alan, Wen, Myself and Nicholas

Visiting each other's house is a must for my family... starting with my house as the first stop. What's the most "In" thing in town right now?

I-phone lor. Haha... exchanging applications, playing games...

Alan catching up with Wen, the two had been best friends since young, play soccer together. The two big bro that take care of me since young and played with me during CNY oso, haha. Heard that Wen is a bartender in zouk now, haha... next time go zouk must find him for free drinks sia. Hahhaa.

Gugu talking to Guzhang...

And the older generation discussing their kampong days...and they have their own gossip sessions too!

The "上一代" . Haha, "Kor Tiew", "La Jim" , "Ah Hua Gor Gor", "Ah zhu Gor Gor", and my Mum. Haha, I had been calling them that since young.

We decided to travel to Dua Pek's House, my Big Uncle house to visit him. Mum said that he had recently gone through an operation, so decided to pay him a visit.

Well, strike lottery, while we were talking in his house, we heard a loud bang. Got accident arh! Look at the people at the top left hand corner, everyone came out to kaypo. Luckily no one was hurt in the accident.

My Dua Pek with my GuGus and Mum...

And...that's not the end of our new year visit... more to go... end of part 1 only...

Alright, time to hit the bed now... tml got to make a visit to a few houses again!

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