Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Saturday was spent at ChinChin's house, for Chong's Clinic new year gathering. Had ordered buffet this time round, and thanks to Dr Yuen for the treat. Haha!

We couldn't forget bout gambling, since it's still during the 15-day festive period...

Jason the "dealer"

The earlier batches of Chong's part-time staff. Felicia with Dr Yuen. Seen here with her husband and daughter. Time flies yea...

This is QiaoFen with Dr Yuen. With her husband and daughter too. Also one of the earlier batches... everyone started working during their uni days...and now all grown up to form their own family sia...

The past and current part timers of Chong's Clinic...

Dr Yuen the dealer... haha.

After Clinic gathering, went to meet up with Yongyang and Weiyong. It's Yongyang's quarter-century birthday! Happy 25th Birthday YY! Haha.

Myself with Yongyang

Yongyang and Weiyong, the brothers who had known each other for 11 years sia.... haha.

Weekend was a busy week, took up another tuition assignment, so basically now my Sunday is devoted to Chong's Clinic, tuition, and more tuition. By the time I reached home...was already 7.30pm. Looks like my official working days are Sun - Fri, and Saturday is my rest day sia.

Hahha... alrights, guess I should sleep soon. Nights.

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