Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy 23rd Birthday, Xiuli !

The citibankers, S.G.A.K.X met up again for Xiuli's 24th, opps...23rd birthday celebration @ this Mongolian buffet restaurant...

Gina with Xiuli... the food was ... okay lah, but most importantly was the companion.

The 5 of us... with non-stop of laughter, especially when Gina is around, haha.

May all your wishes come true, Xiuli!

And thanks for your encouragement, am still carrying your small "bible" around, the white book. I have a colleague from my department thought I was a staunch believer in Christianity when he saw that book. Haha... but I told him was from a friend, and I kept it with me, to give me the strength to move on.

Thanks. =)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Fitness 2 : Weight Loss Methods for Men

Sunday Fitness is back! Thanks to, every Sunday will be updating fitness articles. =)

Sliming doesn't mean it is for ladies only. It is quite evident these days, with the slimming programmes and men cosmetics emerging from all corners. In fact, the biggest advantage of slimming for men is that weight loss is much easier for men than women because men have higher metabolism rates than women.

So you may ask, what is metabolism? Metabolism is actually the complete set of chemical reactions that occur in living cells. These processes are the basis of life, allowing cells to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environments.

One of such metabolically active tissue is muscle. It requires a certain number of calories each day to maintain, therefore, the more muscles you have, the more calories you require. As your muscle mass drops, so does your daily caloric requirement.

Hence, it is very important for men who wish to slim down to pay attention to your gym sessions. The more muscles you develop at the gym, your caloric requirement and metabolism rate increases and helps you lose weight faster.

Here are additional tips for you to lose weight fast!

1) Cut back (Cut your intake of food to 3/4 of your normal serving size). Slowly reduce your intake of food. The more food you consume, the harder it is to lose those fats. For starters, just reduce your normal serving by one quarter.

2) Stay Away From Fast Food. The amount of flour and oil used to make these foods is enough to turn anyone off from taking them. These are high calorie foods that should be avoided at all costs.

3) Increase Your Activity Level (Burn off unnecessary fats!). Exercising is the best way to lose weight. The more you exercise, the more calories you burn.

4) Only eat when you are hungry. (Mouth itch is not allowed). The lower the intake of food is, the better it is. Remember everything you put into yourself is additional calories.

5) Set a goal (As the saying goes "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"). Setting a realistic goal is very important, it gives you the motivation to go the extra mile. Use a food and training journal to keep track of your progress. It allows you to set targets and keep track of your weight and food intake as well as exercise routines.

6) No Soda (Loaded with calories, don't be fooled by diet soda either). Soda or even Diet soda is loaded with calories. A lot of sugar is added to give you the sweet taste.

7) Drink Water (When? Once an hour. Why? Good for your body and complexion). Water removes the impurities in your digestive system hence unwanted residues can be cleared easily. Drinking water before meals also makes you feel "full" and prevents you from gorging.

8) Limit Alcohol (Ever heard of beer belly? The reason lies with the calories). Drink fresh fruit juice instead!

Does it seem like an uphill task to complete? I won't disagree with you if you think it is. Weight loss is a process and not an instant solution. What you have just read is not a life changing plan, but a step-by-step adjustment to your current lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with drinking some liquor on a happy occasion. Occasional enjoyment is always necessary for our mental well-being. Do not force all these methods on yourself immediately or you will most likely give up within a week. Instead, set a realistic target and carry out everything gradually. Monitor yourself to ensure that you are making good progress.

Best of Luck!
About the Author:
Colin Tan is a fashion model, fitness trainer and sports nutritionist based in Singapore. See more of his articles at .
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

One, Two. Three. Gone

Took my tooth out on Tuesday. Yea, some of them out there will definitely says, "Finally arh, Kevin Soh." Lol...yea. Finally. Took out my molar tooth instead of wisdom. Since the molar is already decayed. So right now waiting for wisdom tooth to grow out, and close up the gap.

This was the fillings done last year during my exam time.

Blood wasn't able to clot since the day I pluck my tooth out, went back to see the dentist, sneak out during office hours. Then dentist told me that I am one of those who belong to those blood thinning problems. So I had to raise my pillows, to elevate my head to sleep at night.

Thank god, all the sufferings gone. =)
Took out my stitches today, everything's well, just that need to go back a few more times to check on the wound and wisdom tooth.

Thanks those who showed your concern, I'm still surviving yea. Haha...

Going to e-awards, invited by will be back for more updates later. =)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jack Neo Affair Scandal Press Conference Full Video Recording

I think, we should just give them a break. The camera flashlights that goes on forever.

Pity the family. Wonder how will the children feel. Someone ever told me, "we know each other so much that we can accept each other flaws."

But sometimes, it's when the flaws appear and you realized that you actually don't know him that much. =)

So what actually holds 2 person together? Faith?
I think is the memories that both of them shared. Admire Jack Neo's wife courage.

Let's give them a break, they are normal people like you and I do.
God Bless.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yanpei's 22nd Birthday @ Downtown East

Last Saturday, celebrated Yanpei's 22nd Birthday @ Downtown East coasta sands. Haven't been there for a while already, really changed alot yea.

Instead of BBQ, we decided to have our own Steam boat session in the room...

Invited friends staying in the

Her favorite big bird...

Happy 22nd Birthday, Yanpei!

Group photo leh!

She had a cake from Peishan, and another from her friends...

The hall 14 acquaintances...

The mech engin kakis...

Haha, not that I bo xim... but giving ang pao is the most practical present lah. LoL...

Hope you enjoyed yourself yea!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Badminton with the Interns

Had a badminton session with the local interns from Bosch on Monday... after few weeks due to our busy schedule, finally it's confirmed and put into actions. Haha. Booked the court at Thomson CC, which is the nearest court apart from Bishan CC and YCK stadium...

The interns, (anti-clockwise) myself, Jilun, Clarice, Amanda, Ivy, Anderson and Haoyi.

We seriously need more events like this to spice up our boring Monday blues man. Yea .. =)