Saturday, March 13, 2010

One, Two. Three. Gone

Took my tooth out on Tuesday. Yea, some of them out there will definitely says, "Finally arh, Kevin Soh." Lol...yea. Finally. Took out my molar tooth instead of wisdom. Since the molar is already decayed. So right now waiting for wisdom tooth to grow out, and close up the gap.

This was the fillings done last year during my exam time.

Blood wasn't able to clot since the day I pluck my tooth out, went back to see the dentist, sneak out during office hours. Then dentist told me that I am one of those who belong to those blood thinning problems. So I had to raise my pillows, to elevate my head to sleep at night.

Thank god, all the sufferings gone. =)
Took out my stitches today, everything's well, just that need to go back a few more times to check on the wound and wisdom tooth.

Thanks those who showed your concern, I'm still surviving yea. Haha...

Going to e-awards, invited by will be back for more updates later. =)

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