Sunday, April 04, 2010

Party @ Zouk!

Went clubbing @ Zouk with Hall friends yesterday, and asked Markus along too. Thanks to Prabhu, we got free entry into the club... saw my cousin working there too. Party non-stop! Reached there around 11.30pm, we were already intoxicated before we enter the club... lOl. Cos seylong bought some alcohol and beer, and we were drinking before we entered the

At the dance floor! Seylong, Melissa(I met in the club), myself, Huiqing and Junmian

The party guys!

Huiqing came later to join us as she had a wedding event earlier on, she had graduated and is currently a wedding planner yea. Anyone need to hire her service...can look for me yea. Hahaa.

Standing one corner drinking...shit... Looks like I'm balding. LoL.

Huiqing and myself

We met our junior...Jessica in the club too. Myself, Jessica, Markus

By the time we finished dancing...was already 4.30am. Shagggged. Was intoxicated to the max... haha.

Reached home around 6am...after taking a cab and sent Huiqing and Markus back. Woke up at 8.30am for clinic work... having bad hangover... went to give tuition, and came back for gym session. I'm still wide awake now... I wonder is it the alcohol that's running in my blood now keeping me so high. Hahaha... shall sleep soon, nice weather yea...

Had an AWESOOOOOOOOOME night! Great music, great party kakis!

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