Friday, April 02, 2010

Short Getaway to Bintan!

Last weekend, was at Bintan together with Vincent and some of our German interns from Bosch. Finally going out of Singapore! WoooHoo! Woke up as early as 6am, and took a cab down together with German interns, Ruth, Christian and Markus, since all of us stays near each other.

Destination reached! Together with my Shunfu "Kumpel", haha... which means buddy in German, Ruth. She's renting a flat in Shunfu now.

Bintan trip...wooOHoOO!

The sand...the sea...the kampong huts, a nice place to chill out...listening to the waves... enjoying the sea breeze...

Markus, Csilla and myself. She's the organizer for this trip!

From left, Vincent, Ruth, Sonja, Csilla, Kerstin and myself.

The ladies suntanning...

And the hotbod cum soccer 神 trying to play soccer with basketball...

Christian, Vincent and myself doing jumpshots! Hahha...

Sorry to harm your eyes yea...haha, my flabby bod... lol.

We had campfire in the evening... chilling out with drinks and beer.

Ruth, Vincent and myself, mixing our own alcoholic drinks.

Christian, myself and Markus. Friends from Germany!

Also met Ian from Ireland (infront of me). He's on a business trip to Singapore DBS, here enjoying his weekend stay in Bintan...

Loves the sea. Loves the kampong huts. Loves Bintan. =)

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