Monday, June 28, 2010

Vodka under the Eclipse

Last Saturday night, caught the eclipse when I looked out of the window... when was the last time I caught the eclipse?

My sec school friends came over to my house to drink...

Weiliang couldn't take it anymore...cause of the...

Poker cards? Maybe...

Haha... yea, it was the result of Vodka!

A simple night, with good old buddies.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moonlight Resonance 家好月圓

From blogging

Recently, had been hooked infront of my computer.
After work, finished dinner, sit infront of computer.
After gym, sit infront of my computer.
Talking to my mum more often, because both of us sit infront of the computer...

Because of... 家好月圓

The best drama ever. The family ties that made me envious, the teachings that the main characters had given... really a show that can bring laughter and tears.

Even my mum is asking for the dvd... maybe I shall look for it in Hongkong.

Never had I been so obsessed with a drama serial. Not even 小娘惹. Mediacorp, do something man. Seriously.

Like this sub-theme song from the show. =)

Ciara Newell - Icecream

Talk to me
You speak with me
Don’t sink before you rise baby
Don’t fade away

You hesitate
You seem to wait
For all the time we had
Feels like a world away

Who’s to say, we’ll be ok
We will make it through the night
Don’t wanna wake up in this state
I just want us both to smile

Cause we’re the same
And I know that we’ll never change
Look I bought your favourite ice cream
I don’t wanna see it melt away

If you walk out now
I don’t know if we’re gonna be the same
Baby just talk with me
Cause I want you to stay here with me

The memories
The things we did
I locked inside my heart
Where I know I won’t forget

And now, who’s to say, we’ll be ok
We will make it through the night
Don’t wanna wake up in this state
I just want us both to smile

Cause we’re the same
And I know that we’ll never change
look I bought your favorite ice ream
I don’t want to see it melts away

If you walk out now
I don’t know if we could be the same
Baby just talk with me
Cause I want you to stay here with me

I want you to stay here with me

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday night @ Marche

Was out with Citibankers at 313 somerset Marche, hmm... crowded, limited choices,expensive... overall... 2.5/5

Watched Karate Kids before that, first time heard audiences clapped in movie theater sia, Chinese Kung Fu... never underestimate it. Haha, but I'm more touched by the character's perseverance and determination throughout the learning process. Worth to catch it. =)

Went to the rooftop garden at... this new shopping mall in orchard. Haha, not sure of the name. Too many new shopping malls in orchard sia. Getting old. LoL

But the most important thing is not where we've go, what we've done. But the companionship among 5 of us.
Serling, Alvin, Gina, Myself, Xiuli (Clockwise from back)

Sense of Satisfaction...


Sense of satisfaction... I hope my customers will like it too. That's my job, going around to set up sales corner for them. Marketing, still my cup of tea. =)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ris Low's comments on World Cup...

Hmm... so does her "BoomBz" comments represent the girls too?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back to the 1960s of Singapore...

"We have a vision for tomorrow... just believe, just believe..."
Visited the 1960s gallery in National Museum today, while I was working there for a film screening session...

It's a free gallery, which educate many young people like us, who were born after the 1960s...

Malay language books were introduced back then... during the merger of Singapore and Malaysia.

Familiar sound records to my parents...

How many of us are still using type writers these days?

You think you've only seen them in 小娘惹?

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew swearing-in-ceremony back then, no pictures were taken back then... an artist's view of impression...

Headlines during those days...

If you're interested, visit the National Museum, 3rd June to 22nd August, 10am to 6pm daily. Admission is free. =)

Friday, June 11, 2010

1st to 5th July - Hong Kong Trip

Here I come Hongkong!

Kowloon, Kowloon Hongkong...
We love HongKong...

Monday, June 07, 2010

Thailand Trip Part 2 - Shopping Paradise

Day 3... started with taking a group photo with Khun Mi and her son. Cause we foresee we will be returning late, and next morning we would need to rush for our flight at 7.05am. Since time was tight, we took it early in the morning. Seen behind is her wedding photo, haha...she took it 10 years ago.

We head on to the Grand Palace in the morning. Walked around some temples near the Grand Palace... and the architecture of the temples are really stunning.
Christian posing here... the temple behind is made up of small square gold plates...imported from Italy.

Images of the temple.

At the Grand Palace, Markus and I joined in the soldier to guard the palace. LoL.

I really pity the soldier guarding the palace. Haha, but I admired his will power and determination under the hot sun! He had became an icon there for everyone to take photo with!

Images around the the grand palace.

Don't you think this pic looks like some palace you find in those HongKong drama serial? Ehh... 宫心计?

Markus, Christian, Marco and myself at the Grand Palace.

After sight-seeing, was already lunch time. Head on to Chatuchak market via taxi. Found a small cafe around that area and had our lunch there. Good food, good price, nice!

If you want to shop in Thailand, then Chatuchak weekend market is a "must visit" place for all... but please be prepared to spare about 4-5 hours at the market. With more than 10 000 stalls, you will definitely need more time to walk around!

Do you dare to eat this?

Chatuchak randomness...

Posing with some gay slippers here...

Head on to the next biggest indoor shopping center, MBK in the evening via skytrain. The skytrain system seem to work in the same way like the Singapore MRT system few years back, when we were still using our "MRT" card...

Saw this parking space from the skytrain platform, PACKED like sardine sia.

In the skytrain with Marcus and Christian.

MBK center reached! Hmm, heard that it's quite near the Central Mall, which was recently burned down by the red shirts. But frankly speaking, the crowd still exist at MBK shopping mall, just that there's security guard and control at every entrance. It's safe lah, really.

Ate our dinner in MBK, some international restaurant, which works like Marche. Just passed the card to the stalls, and they will whip up something good for you.

And time flies, by then, was already night time. Stayed around MBK for about 2-3 hours before we head back to Khun Mi's house...

Early morning, we took our flight home at around 7.05am Thailand time. Gonna miss Thailand sia. I'm sure I will return to the land of all smiles again. =)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sa Wa Di Krup - Exploring the land of all Smiles Part 1

Sa Wa Di Krup! I'm back from Thailand, the land of all smiles, safe and sound. Thanks everyone for your concern =) The situation is not as bad as what you really thought, didn't see any red shirts around. Instead...was welcome by the friendly Thais, and greeted umpteen times of Sa Wa Di Kar...

Traveled with my the German interns from Bosch, stayed in my supervisor's Khun Mi's place... her house was really big, really big.

We reached Thailand time around 4.30pm, and after unpacking our stuff... we were welcomed by Khun Mi with local dishes...

To be honest with you, this was the first time I tried all these fruits... haha, yea, I'm a carnivore... RAWWWWR.

After dinner, was already 7pm...rested for about an hour...and we head on to our long awaited activity... THAI MASSAGE!!! 2 hours of full body massage cost about 500 bhat ... about $23! Sibei shiok....sibei worth it lah! As the curfew was still on, we had to return before 12am... that night, I really had a very good sleep...

The next day, woke up as early as 7am in the go to floating market. Khun Mi booked a van for us for whole day... from 7am to damage ... $25 per person... we head on for A & W breakfast... wah piang... it was like million years I haven't eaten A & W... the feeling? My tears almost dropped down when I ate the curly fries and root beer... awwwwWWWW. LoL!

Scenes at the floating market...

'Live' at Floating market!

Markus, myself, Khun Mi and her son.

Marco, Markus and myself on boat...row , row, row your boat...gently down the sea...

Stopped by one of the stations at floating market... trying to be funny...hahaha.

After floating market...was our sight seeing sessions... Buddha, buddhas and more buddhas...

Markus, Myself, Christian and Marco

At one of the temple...

Now...this picture you see here, not easy to take yea. We really climb up big steps and small steps... but its worth it lah...

After sightseeing...was already dinner time... Dinner was at Macdonale... look at Mr. Macdonale in Thai... SA WA DI KRUP!

After dinner...we head on to the sky bar and the state tower... the security was quite tight here, many security officers... checking your bags... even our van was being checked...everything in, underneath... everywhere lah...

Reached the 64th bar... it's really a good place to chill out... MUST SEE MUST GO! Highly recommended... you can catch the entire night scene of Bangkok from here...

I really like this picture alot... by chance caught the lightning from afar...nice!

Night scene at Bangkok...

Myself, Markus, Christian and Marco at Skybar! Price is not really cheap though... has all those 10% service charge and 7% Singapore price... but okay lah, being served by so many people, being greeted like you have never been greeted before...and the ambiance... worth the price!

Alrights... that's all for Bangkok in Day 1 and Day 2!

Coming up... Shopping paradise in Bangkok!