Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday night @ Marche

Was out with Citibankers at 313 somerset Marche, hmm... crowded, limited choices,expensive... overall... 2.5/5

Watched Karate Kids before that, first time heard audiences clapped in movie theater sia, Chinese Kung Fu... never underestimate it. Haha, but I'm more touched by the character's perseverance and determination throughout the learning process. Worth to catch it. =)

Went to the rooftop garden at... this new shopping mall in orchard. Haha, not sure of the name. Too many new shopping malls in orchard sia. Getting old. LoL

But the most important thing is not where we've go, what we've done. But the companionship among 5 of us.
Serling, Alvin, Gina, Myself, Xiuli (Clockwise from back)

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