Monday, June 07, 2010

Thailand Trip Part 2 - Shopping Paradise

Day 3... started with taking a group photo with Khun Mi and her son. Cause we foresee we will be returning late, and next morning we would need to rush for our flight at 7.05am. Since time was tight, we took it early in the morning. Seen behind is her wedding photo, haha...she took it 10 years ago.

We head on to the Grand Palace in the morning. Walked around some temples near the Grand Palace... and the architecture of the temples are really stunning.
Christian posing here... the temple behind is made up of small square gold plates...imported from Italy.

Images of the temple.

At the Grand Palace, Markus and I joined in the soldier to guard the palace. LoL.

I really pity the soldier guarding the palace. Haha, but I admired his will power and determination under the hot sun! He had became an icon there for everyone to take photo with!

Images around the the grand palace.

Don't you think this pic looks like some palace you find in those HongKong drama serial? Ehh... 宫心计?

Markus, Christian, Marco and myself at the Grand Palace.

After sight-seeing, was already lunch time. Head on to Chatuchak market via taxi. Found a small cafe around that area and had our lunch there. Good food, good price, nice!

If you want to shop in Thailand, then Chatuchak weekend market is a "must visit" place for all... but please be prepared to spare about 4-5 hours at the market. With more than 10 000 stalls, you will definitely need more time to walk around!

Do you dare to eat this?

Chatuchak randomness...

Posing with some gay slippers here...

Head on to the next biggest indoor shopping center, MBK in the evening via skytrain. The skytrain system seem to work in the same way like the Singapore MRT system few years back, when we were still using our "MRT" card...

Saw this parking space from the skytrain platform, PACKED like sardine sia.

In the skytrain with Marcus and Christian.

MBK center reached! Hmm, heard that it's quite near the Central Mall, which was recently burned down by the red shirts. But frankly speaking, the crowd still exist at MBK shopping mall, just that there's security guard and control at every entrance. It's safe lah, really.

Ate our dinner in MBK, some international restaurant, which works like Marche. Just passed the card to the stalls, and they will whip up something good for you.

And time flies, by then, was already night time. Stayed around MBK for about 2-3 hours before we head back to Khun Mi's house...

Early morning, we took our flight home at around 7.05am Thailand time. Gonna miss Thailand sia. I'm sure I will return to the land of all smiles again. =)


Mohdzaid said...

wow so Thailand so best... - nanged..

ohmywtf said...

i missed chatuchak lor...:-P

kevinskh said...

Haha, then you should really visit Thailand again if time permits man.

Hilda Milda™ said...

My bf tried the insects when he was in Changmai and he said they were nice euwwwww I wanna go to Thai one day, it sure is a shopping paradise!