Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween @ Sentosa Spooktacular

Sentosa Spooktacular... my first Halloween party in my life, lol... Mr. Suaku lah. A group of my friends, Engin clique, hall friends were with me @ Sentosa! Experience was good, though not as spooky as my hall annual fright night, which was held at Changi Hospital, but must say, celebrating Halloween with bunch of strangers at Sentosa was a different experience!


好兄弟。。。 with my size, even if you make me starve for one month, I also wont turn into 白骨精。

Friend... did you see my baby...
The make-up, thumbs up!

哪里都是鬼。"姚朽" arh....

Made 2 new friends at Sentosa. Come, say hi to Sanpipar (San Pi Par) and Duakikut (Dua Ki Kut)

This one... looks more like Cosplay yea? Hahaha.

好兄弟们! Thanks for the hardwork! Too bad don't have 红星大奖 larh, hahaha... but you guys deserve a good break from all the running and shouting yea!

王力宏 - 需要人陪

这首歌的 MV 虽然有一点 A...
但是... 他代表着每个单身人士的想法。
MV 表现出黑白色的空虚与寂寞... 让人觉得有一丝丝的感慨。
有一点点 Emo larhhh...Haha!

王力宏 - 需要人陪

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Get Well Soon, Selena Jen

會痛嗎 那一下下我的心都碎了
心疼嗎 愛你的人心當然會疼啦
公主Selina 你受了點傷 你還是我的公主啊
……Selina 輕輕甩著長頭髮
飄來一陣陣髪香 我註定屬於她
Selina 粉紅色來形容她

Monday, October 25, 2010

Jeanette Aw entertains me.

Found this randomly on Alvinology
Destressed. HAHAHA.

Experience Life in Roman Empire

Weekends. Work at Museum again... using 1 hour break to visit the Pompeii Exhibition.

We are always very fortunate in life. When one encounter death and pain, how will he react?

Never underestimate the power of love.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A song that features the best Chinese Music

那天, 去了一趟 Kbox.
90 年代的歌, 让你一次过听到爽!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

我要当食神 season II filming

The familiar Wawa pictures crew...

The hardworking cameramen...

Was back at Marina Barrage for my season II filming. Season II is going to be slightly different. Same theme , Instant noodles, but the one of the contestants will PK with the last seasons winner. I'm not the winner lah... haha, just that champion had something on, so I came to replace...

So who will be the ultimate winner?!
Stay tuned to Channel U, 我要当食神 II, in November!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Weize's 25th Birthday

Wei Ze's 25th Birthday... the oldest among us, haha. =)

Celebrated this joker's birthday on 14th Oct, at our school Sakae. (Yes, NTU has a Sakae, don't look down on Pulau Nanyang School!)

All of us met each other in 2009 for our Engineering Innovative Design (EID) project... 1 year later, time flies.... and we are all back again after our IA... now has become good study buddies...

My group mates from one of my modules, "Professional Communication".
Junyue, Myself, Derrick and Alexis

The rest and Thai Yee (Wei Ze's friend) having Sakae meals...

Cheers to FINAL YEAR! Tough thing don't last but tough men do!!! Endure and 加油!
(Look as if I'm the birthday boy here sia.)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Say "NO" to facebook!

Okay, I shall try avoid logging in to Facebook for.... 1 week. =)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Chong's Clinic Outing @ Tawandang, Dempsey Hill

Went to Tawandang Microbrewery @ Dempsey Hill over the weekend, together with Chong's Clinic colleagues. This place, voted for Best Beer, Best Entertainment, Best Cuisine and Best Ambiance... you really have to be there to experience this! Thumbs Up!!!

Food was little expensive, but you will definitely enjoy the friendliness and liveliness of the Thai staff from this German-Thai restaurant. Indulge yourself in the traditional Thai food with a mixture of German beer... and sway yourself with the music provided by the live band! See above, the staff dancing to the rhythm of "YMCA" and many other nice songs!

Yea, recently have been hooked to this game, " monopoly deal ". In school, with friends, anywhere, anytime. Haha... thanks to Yanpei and Peishan who lent me their deck, and now I'm going around to spread the MD virus to many others! Haha, it's addictive, trust me! Monopoly make a comeback!

A couple who had just got married on that day, was sabo on stage to perform! Haha!

Our Charlie Angles from Chong's celebrating their birthday. The birthday board was provided by Tawandang!
From left, Sabrina, Phyllis,Deborah

Chong's Clinic outing, 成功!

Location: Blk 26, #01-01
Dempsey Road
Tel: 6476 6742
Open: Daily 11.30am to 1.00am
Lunch is now available.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Birthday with 八仙

Had a belated birthday dinner with 5 仙... Suhui and Chinran couldn't make it in the end... dinner at Tam PoPo...SHIOK!

Birthday celebration with Sharmen...

Birthday boys had to treat dessert... to repay their kind deed in treating us dinner...-___-

谢谢! Catch up soon on 25th December... 不见不散!!!

Hall 14 Dinner and Dance - Yesterday Once More

My final D'n'D @ Hall 14... 真的是老了! All the young chaps and pretty girls, hahaha... I'm like the 前浪... 后浪推前浪, 前浪死在沙滩上... overall still enjoyed myself, great host, great planning. Was held at Holiday Inn Atrium. Everyone say I look chao 32 years old. Haha, I'm so afraid one day I will take it that I'm really 32. Hahahaha. Think my chao lao-ness really blend into this retro "Feel" arh,haha.



The world is small, this is my nephew, in hall 14. Haha. Yea, my family is BIG until 乱。 Which means my cousin is older than me a few more years... (yea lah, cos I 32 mah). Hahah...

K lah... gonna study for QUIZ.