Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hall 14 Dinner and Dance - Yesterday Once More

My final D'n'D @ Hall 14... 真的是老了! All the young chaps and pretty girls, hahaha... I'm like the 前浪... 后浪推前浪, 前浪死在沙滩上... overall still enjoyed myself, great host, great planning. Was held at Holiday Inn Atrium. Everyone say I look chao 32 years old. Haha, I'm so afraid one day I will take it that I'm really 32. Hahahaha. Think my chao lao-ness really blend into this retro "Feel" arh,haha.



The world is small, this is my nephew, in hall 14. Haha. Yea, my family is BIG until 乱。 Which means my cousin is older than me a few more years... (yea lah, cos I 32 mah). Hahah...

K lah... gonna study for QUIZ.

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