Friday, October 15, 2010

Weize's 25th Birthday

Wei Ze's 25th Birthday... the oldest among us, haha. =)

Celebrated this joker's birthday on 14th Oct, at our school Sakae. (Yes, NTU has a Sakae, don't look down on Pulau Nanyang School!)

All of us met each other in 2009 for our Engineering Innovative Design (EID) project... 1 year later, time flies.... and we are all back again after our IA... now has become good study buddies...

My group mates from one of my modules, "Professional Communication".
Junyue, Myself, Derrick and Alexis

The rest and Thai Yee (Wei Ze's friend) having Sakae meals...

Cheers to FINAL YEAR! Tough thing don't last but tough men do!!! Endure and 加油!
(Look as if I'm the birthday boy here sia.)

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