Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Frankly speaking.
I'm quite worried for exams.

Friday, November 26, 2010

我要当食神PK版 , 7/12/2010

Catch me on Channel U, 我要当食神PK版, on 7/12/2010, Tuesday, 8pm!

Thursday, November 25, 2010



Sunday, November 21, 2010

手中线 - 龔芝怡 Serene Koong

好像立刻跟我妈说, 我爱你。


曲:Eric 黄韵仁 -- 改编自张雨生的《天天想你》
词:Xiaohan 小寒
演唱:龚芝怡 Serene

天天想你 天天问自己
天天想你 屋里依然好熟悉

记忆是 手中的线 牵动每一天
缝合了多少的碎片 多少个失眠
手中的线 放开或许就蓝天
可是我不食言 我喜欢这想念

天天想你 天天问自己
天天想你 在我身体里延续

记忆是 手中的线 牵动每一天
缝合了多少的碎片 多少个失眠
手中的线 放开或许就蓝天
可是我不食言 我喜欢这想念

天天想你 就能见到你

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Justin's 24th Birthday, my last weekend outing before exams!

This should be my last weekend outing before exams! Celebrated Justin's 24th birthday @ Handburger, Cityhall. Food was good, probably I was really starving!

Justin and Pris having their special cupcakes from Sophia... ehh. I think from Mamalade issit? Correct me if I'm wrong...lol

Sophia and Justin here... trying to block each other while taking pics.

Buddies! Wonder if we will still have time to meet up once we start work next year... anyway, congratulations to both Songwei and Justin!!! *Claps* They've gotten into MAS!

And...this shall be my last outing before the exams.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Haha! Damn Funny!!! 新中版 “小娘惹”

Was listening to Yes 93.3fm one day... haha, cannot stop laughing after listening this! Omg.

<a href="http://video.msn.com?mkt=en-sg&playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:3902452b-c51d-45d1-8871-bf001e17fcde&showPlaylist=true&fg=ENSG_Splash_xinmsn-generic-player" target="_new" title="SUNTAN大白鲨呈现&#65306;&#8221;新中版&#8220;小娘惹">Video: SUNTAN大白鲨呈现&#65306;&#8221;新中版&#8220;小娘惹</a>

In Square Salon Singapore

My Video Production =)

24 sin ming road
Singapore 570024
tel : 6554 0916/7

Saturday, November 13, 2010

等了好多, 好多年.

I remembered when I was younger, TCS ( Now Mediacorp ) used to telecast this show on TV...can't remembered the title, but the ending song always remains vividly in my head till now. Only remembered the song was... 我把我的爱交给了你。。。

On a random saturday, I decided to google this one sentence, and randomly found that this song was sang by 王傑 , title 希望 .

More searches on youtube leads me to this childhood show... can't remember the show actually, only that song... and the title of this show was 财神爷, from Taiwan, in 1992.

Time flies... really.

Sunday, November 07, 2010



Dr Yuen's Birthday! Chong's Clinic mass gathering!

Happy birthday Dr Yuen! Celebrated his big day today! Age? Ehh...you asked him yourself lor...haha! 年龄有时候也是男人的秘密啦... hahah!

他就是 Dr Yuen lor...hahaha.

Lots of food...thanks to 大师姐 Chin Chin for all the food...

Coincidentally, all came in black. Haha, you know... old liao, wear black look slimmer larh, maybe all bear that kind of mentality! Hahah!

Our 全家福 pic... majiam 真情 sia.
Dr Yuen pls let me Huat tonight... I bought 4D... hahahha!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Downtown East Murder - Straits Time Razor TV report

Saw the news on TV over the weekend. Life's really fragile, and I can truly understand the feeling of losing a friend suddenly. If I were in his friends' shoes, I would have done likewise. Give the family and friends some peace, how about it?

What the friend did was just to protect the family, I don't find it anything wrong. I believe everyone was feeling down, especially on the day of his final journey.

Give them a break, if the Media keep playing up the event, they wouldn't be able to calm down. What they need is time. Only time can heal the wound.

It's definitely a long process, for many.

And for those who's being charged, I seriously wonder what they were thinking when they committed the act? Is our new generation taking life too lightly? Life is definitely not comparable to the characters in the virtual world, where everyone has an extra life after death. Are these youngsters spending a tremendous time on computer games that they are living and believing in the virtual world so much?