Thursday, November 04, 2010

Downtown East Murder - Straits Time Razor TV report

Saw the news on TV over the weekend. Life's really fragile, and I can truly understand the feeling of losing a friend suddenly. If I were in his friends' shoes, I would have done likewise. Give the family and friends some peace, how about it?

What the friend did was just to protect the family, I don't find it anything wrong. I believe everyone was feeling down, especially on the day of his final journey.

Give them a break, if the Media keep playing up the event, they wouldn't be able to calm down. What they need is time. Only time can heal the wound.

It's definitely a long process, for many.

And for those who's being charged, I seriously wonder what they were thinking when they committed the act? Is our new generation taking life too lightly? Life is definitely not comparable to the characters in the virtual world, where everyone has an extra life after death. Are these youngsters spending a tremendous time on computer games that they are living and believing in the virtual world so much?


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