Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 double-image recapped!

Coming to the end of 2010... looking through the pictures really bring back lot's of memories! Let's start the ball rolling with January 2010...

Jan 2010.
My first filming experience with Wawa pictures, 我要当食神 Season 1. Thanks to all my hall 14 fellow friends who dropped by and gave me lots of support! Filming was a different experience, and thanks to the Make-Up artiste, Suhuan 姐, for inviting me for an editorial shoot for NTUC magazine. Haha...and Jan 2010 was my "slimmest" period. Running and swimming... just to look better on TV. Hahah! Also started my internship in Robert Bosch....

Feb 2010
Dong dong qiang, dong dong qiang! Chinese New Year Festive mood....celebration with friends, relatives, and eating non-stop. A good time for all to reunite, and catch up with one another what had happen the past year.

Mar 2010
NTUC mag article was out. Thanks to Suhuan 姐。Finally plucked out my tooth that gave me lots of problem. Knowing my Bosch Interns better...and we almost play badminton every week!

April 2010
Traveled out of Singapore finally. Been to Bintan with the Bosch German Interns. But came back with very bad rashes. Haha, but the experience was unique! Love the passion from the people, love the sea, love everything in Bintan. Also a month with lots of beer and partying at Zouk, zouk, and more zouk. Lol...Almost went Zouk every week...seriously. Lol.

May 2010
Busy month at Bosch, with the opening ceremony, and rushing my Final Internship Report. Shiong. Was involved with the Bosch Introductory Video... being a Mechanic, although my real task in Bosch was a marketing intern. Haha!

Jun 2010.
2nd time traveling out of Singapore. This time, to Bangkok, the land of all smiles! With Markus, Marco, Christian, we spent our 5 days trip in Bkk, at my supervisor's place. The Thai massage was superb...and so were the Thai spicy food. Red Shirts? Nah... we didn't see any. =)

3rd time traveling out of Singapore, within 6 months. For the first time I've been traveling so frequent in a year. This time, to Hongkong... with the German interns again. Met up with friends in Hongkong, Seeman, Heng Qing, Adeline, Songwei, Yanyi, Huihui. It's like a mini Singaporeans gathering in Hongkong. Get to know some Singaporeans on the plane as well. First time staying in a dorm...with people from US and Europe. Loves Hongkong... the food, the people... 买东西吃东西买东西吃东西!

August 2010
Bosch Automotive Carnival. First time put in charge such a big and massive project, together with my colleague, Joanne. Really spent my day and night in office, so much so that our boss Michael asked if there's a need to put a bed here. haha... record was coming office at 9am, and left office 7am the next day...and then...come back in less than 3 hours for a briefing. Crazy working hours... but I enjoyed it. =) Also get to know many suppliers and partners, such as Jeffrey Chung Models... August 2010, also marked the end of my internship in Bosch. Missed the people there...

Sept 2010
Month of farewell, as well as reunions. Sent my German friends, Marco and Christian off, and French intern, Magalie as well. Also the month of my birthday...and reunited with buddies, and also Hall 14 friends, and Mech Engine kakis as well...

Oct 2010
Halloween... Hall 14 D'n'D, Birthday parties. So many! Also went for 我要当食神 Season 2 filming... back to school, definitely a different feeling from working. But gonna treasure this period... my last year, in NTU. =)

Nov 2010
Busy with studies. Celebrated Justin's and Dr Yuen's birthday. Catching up with lots of people... preparations for exams... coming up in December.

December 2010
Crazy month, with exams. Sleepless nights. Begin with a professional communication presentation... and ended exams on 23rd Dec.我要当食神 season 2 aired on 7th December ..just 3 days before my first paper. After exams, celebrated Xmas season with 八仙, and hall 14 friends. Busy with FYP interim report...and also pre event post for Urban Development of Singapore (URA), on Marina Bay countdown. Lots of activities, but the cold December is not so cooling after all with lots of burning passion work to be done. At the same time, happy to see Fifth Avenue blog is doing some progress. =)

I shall end this entry, by thanking everyone who had assisted me one way or another. You know who you are. Without you guys, I wouldn't have been here blogging till now. Thanks , deep from my heart. 2010 was a fruitful year for me, so many activities, so many commitments. Hope that 2011 will be another fruitful year, with my graduation from NTU coming... and I'm sure, many things to be look forward to. =)

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