Sunday, December 12, 2010

Catch these movies during Chinese New Year 2011! 好戏即将在 2011 年一月上映!

3 big movies are going to hit our local movie market in 2011!!! What to watch? When to watch? Read on to find out!

Title : Perfect Rivals (美好冤家)
Date : 13th January 2011
What to catch?

Looks like a story revolves around 2 Bak Gua families... 好汉 and 美美, trying to vie for the ultimate Bak Gua Master title. Other than Irene Ang, catch Hong Kong Veteran stars like 夏雨 and special appearance by 米雪!

夏雨, 米雪, Irene Ang. Will the story be similar to the plot of 家好月园?The rivals between two families? Catch it in cinema in Jan 2011 to get the answer!

Perfect Rivals (美好冤家) triller.

Title : It's a great great world (大世界)
Date : 27th January 2011
What to catch?

Looks like a story based in the 1960s... involvement of many Mediacorp celebrities such as Xiang Yun, Guo Liang, Kym Ng, Zhang Yao Dong, Bryan Wong, Joanne Peh, Zhou Chu Ming, Chen Shu Cheng, Huang Wen Yong, Lin Xiang Ping etc... Not forgetting Aunty Lucy a.k.a Dennis Zhou too!

Even familiar celebrities and singer are featured! The big cast already tempts many to enter the cinema... but will the plot fail like some of our local dramas? Catch 大世界 on 27th Jan 2011 to find out!

It's a great great world (大世界) thriller.

Title : Homecoming (笑着回家)
Date : 3rd Feb 2011
What to catch?

Jack Neo is going hit the big screen again! Looks like a comedy which resolve around the story of different groups of people going back and reunite for a reunion dinner. Catch familiar celebrities like Jacelyn Tay, whom haven't been appearing on our local TV screen for quite sometime, and our newly Asia Best Actress Rebecca Lim! What's more! Catch Jack Neo in his "Cross-drag" acting skills! We already have 梁婆婆, 梁细妹, will 2011 Karen Neo create a new wave in Singapore? Catch Homecoming (笑着回家) on 3rd Feb 2011 to find out!

Homecoming (笑着回家) thriller

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