Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas...It's about giving and sharing, and EATING too! about giving and sharing! Met up with 八仙... less 一仙, Suhui 飘 overseas. 好命 arh! Was at Ferry house exchanging our presents...

Shuting, Daniel and ChinRan here

Found this in Ferry's room. This was given to him... years back, when we thought that he's going back to Indonesia and not coming back. False alarm! But we just heard a piece of sad news lah, he's leaving us to Indonesia next year. Father ask him to take over business...haiz....

The 2 of us are 命中注定。。。 arh arh arh, not 我爱你. Please....hahah. When both of us were hoping each other is not the exchange partners... sway kao lao sai. Both kena each other. And the rest were all saying we are 命中注定 lah. The both niao kias will kena. God Fate. Hahha... my present to Shuting... she kio sai larh. Lol!

Group picture with our xmas gifts!

After xmas gathering with 八仙... went down to celebrate Junyue's 24th birthday dinner at Nanchos. That's why...I said Xmas is about eating too!!

Junyue finished the whole thing?! No larh...shared among the rest. Haha!

Happy Birthday Junyue a.k.a Doremon! Hahah... with the rest of the people from Hall 14...

Alrights...that ends my Christmas...and soon, I'm gonna summon back to school for FYP again. LIFE SUX... arghhh!

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