Thursday, December 30, 2010

A different sight of Singapore: Bring your family and friends to explore Marina Bay on New Year's Eve!

Bring your family and friends to Marina Bay on New Year's Eve! Countdown to 2011 with the rest of the Singaporeans! There are many places having countdown parties, but I'm sure Marina Bay will be a different experience for many. What else? It's free for all and open to the public! Well, was at Marina Bay yesterday and let me guide you through the trail and what you can expect on New Year's Eve!

Here's the map to the entire view of Marina Bay. Click on the picture for clearer view. Will like to bring your attention to the 4 MRT stiations which are located near the area. Namely Marina Bay, Raffles Place, and the 2 new circle line stations, Promenade and Esplanade MRT stations. Let's start with the Marina Bay City Gallery (Bottom) and then navigate the map in the anti-clockwise direction.

I will have to agree that Marina MRT Station is the nearest MRT to the event. From here, you can navigate yourself to the following places...

Marina Bay City Gallery.
On the actual day, this place will be closed. At normal working hours, this place is open to the public and there's an interactive 3D map of the Marina Bay skyline. It's pretty unique and you can get to know Marina Bay better. Well, too bad it's not open to the public during the event. However, it's pretty prominent from far, and use it as a distinct landmark to locate the place!

The Water Fountain
It's just located outside the Marina Bay City Gallery.
A pretty nice spot for many who enjoy taking pictures with family and friends. Now you don't have to travel all the way to Marina Barrage! There's one at Marina Bay too!

The Mist Walk
As the name suggests, this metal pipe structure gives off mist when the sensor detects someone is there. It's just less than 100m away from the Marina Bay City Gallery.

Breeze Shelters
Tired? Need a resting spot? Well, these breeze shelters has really gigantic fans attached to it, making sure that the restless souls will be energize again! Well, but the cooling weather these days, I don't think you will really need it right?

The gigantic fans ...

Now moving up the map, there's more stuffs! But Raffles Place MRT isn't that near, will explain later. But for those who need to take your dinner outside , you may want to come from Raffles Place MRT. The underground link has many food outlets ranging from Chinese food to Ice Cream shop. What's more! There are certain promotions going on, check out the Marina Bay countdown website for more lobangs!

Marina Bay Financial Centre
Now, look at the picture, do I have to explain further? The lighting is simply awesome!

The Promontory @ Marina Bay
Check out the yellow barricades. There are so many around the area. Locate them, and you will know you are at the right area. On New Year's Eve, there are various activities out there which will keep you entertained. Such as film screenings of our leaders' and well-known personalities dedications. There will also be screenings of a specially commissioned docu-drama of the inspiring true-life stories of Singaporeans directed by Sun Koh, the National Arts Council's Young Artist Award 2010 recipient. And it's FREE!!!

Credit: Starlight Alchemy
There will be many roving artists providing you entertainment performances... such as fire performers, stilt walkers...

Credit: Starlight Alchemy
And UV light performers! Take this opportunity to take pictures with them! They will be roving around from the Mist Walk area to Promontory area, from 6.30pm till 10.15pm...

If you intend to come from Raffles Place MRT, locate exit J, and look for the sign along the way. It will be an estimated 10 - 15min walk, but it will lead you to actual event area. Have a dinner in the Marina link mall, and walk abit to digest your food!

Here's the map in Marina Link Mall. As I've said, it's abit of distance from the MRT to The Promontory end to the other... print this out if you're afraid of getting lost!

Now, we move on to the next highlight of the day, celebrate countdown with Mediacorp channel 5! There are 2 MRT stations that are located near this place, namely the Esplanade and Promenade MRT stations.

The Esplanade. Picture taken from The Promontory...night scene of Singapore around Marina Bay is awesome!

Celebrate Countdown with Mediacorp Channel 5 at the float. This is the only event that requires ticket. And you are winning tickets to this event!

Alright, after the picture trail around Marina Bay area, let me introduce to you some good spot which family can lay their picnic mats to catch up with one another, and photographers can locate to take excellent firework pictures.

Spot 1: Big and spacious. Suitable for the families who need to find a place to sit down and relax.

Spot 2: Not sure if this place will be accessible to the public on New Year's Eve. But it's a good spot for many to view the fireworks!

Spot 3: Good Spot for photographers to capture highlights of the fireworks. Look at the photographers in the picture...ahha.

Spot 4: Just a nice spot to view the night scene of Singapore...

Check out our fanpage or Marina Bay countdown website for more details on the transport available.

The timings for the last train and buses will be extended on New Year's Eve!

Oh yea...and if you are interested in more pictures that I have taken during my site visit, check out our fan page too!

Here' your final chance in winning the tickets to celebrate your countdown with Mediacorp Channel 5!

Log on to Fifth Avenue to answer the question!


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