Thursday, December 09, 2010

Miss Universe Series - China Rocket Can't fly

Recently we had the hot debate over our Mr. Singapore Hu Hanxiong's level of English... let's be fair and look at the overall picture. Was browsing through this year Miss Universe introduction video, and found that Miss China never failed to "WOWs" me with her command of English as wells. Opps, as well.

Drama Queen, Miss China.

The organization had set some questions, (seriously I don't understand how we can understand the ladies better from here) for the ladies to answer. What really trigger my laughter was this ....

I didn't know the China Rocket sound like this. "Pong, Chiewwwww"

Some youtube comments was quite entertaining...

"I think the robot had a virus"

"Is she doing Rocket Launching or shes playing a tennis?"

"Are sheeps the only normal things China has ? "

Well... looks like our very own Miss WOWs has a BOOMBZzzz competitor STILLLZZZZ.

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