Wednesday, December 08, 2010

我要当食神PK版 , Wonderchef Season 2 - Instant Noodles

That day went to Marina Barrage for Wonder Chef Season 2 filming. The champion was overseas, and I had to take

Under the bright and sunny day... showing off our culinary skills.

Addie and myself are just 2 big boys...and I think the Wawa pictures staff 炜良 really buay ta han us....haha.

炜良 trying to help us take pictures... but we are just running here and there. Aiya... 工作不忘娱乐吗. Lol!

我说了什么连导播也受不了? Haha! 回来leh!

Okay lah...finally posed for 炜良. Addie and myself...

Filming isn't an simple requires many 幕后英雄...

They spend hours under the sun but for a 30mins show...just to give all the viewers the best shot... so next time 红星大奖... 每个工作人员的奖, 都是以血和泪换来的!!!

Though lost this round...but am very glad to meet new friends and experience! 输赢不重要啦, 这不是客气话, 是真心话。 因为。。。 最重要是享受那过程。。。 你认同吗?

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天 国 近 了。