Monday, January 17, 2011

兔年好Lobang(3) - Ladies Hairstyles

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In the first week, we taught you how to dress up for Chinese New Year. But fashion should cover from HEAD to TOE! This week, Fifth Avenue will bring you some tips on how to vary your hairstyle for different looks! Hopefully a new change in the new year, will bring you bundles of luck! As usual, ladies first! We have invited Mr. Ivan Hoo, Creative Director from In Square salon, to recommend some hairstyles to the ladies out there!

Ivan suggests that in the new year, perhaps you will like to cut your hair shorter, to have a refreshing look! He mentioned that Asian in general has softer features and are suitable for short hair. Not only cutting your hair, but Ivan also felt that one should learn to style her own hair too. Adding to this, Ivan also suggests that maybe you will like to highlight your hair with a mixture of blond and little red, to enhance the festive mood! You may like to take reference from the following 8 hairstyles :

This simple yet unique hairstyle is excellent for a vintage look. Add on with your Cheong Sam, you are ready to visit your relatives and friends for the CNY!

Dislike the vintage look? Why not go with this hairstyle to look younger during the Chinese New Year!

This wavy and wild hairstyle definitely adds some vibrance to your personality to match with the bunny year!

Many ladies nowadays prefer the suave image. Comb down your hair , put on your trousers and shirt, and you are ready to “freeze” everyone with your coolness!

Yo yo yo! Wassup!? Wanna be outstanding? Spike your hair up and rock down the street! It definitely helps to increase your height too! Haha!

This out-of-bed look adds some cheekiness to one’s character! Though messy, it enhances one’s style greatly!

For those working in the corporate world, maybe you will like to try something like this? Looking clean and refresh, ready to fight off with the Monday blues and stress!

Chinese New Year dinner? Or company party? Comb down your hair with center parting, to look elegant in your gown and stand out among the rest!

Credits: Models from In Square Salon and Photography by Albert Chua

Ivan Hoo, the creative director of In Square Salon is the main man steering the growth and direction for the company. He has also won numerous top local hairdressing awards and competitions. Being actively involved in hairshows, magazine shoots , projects , makeover experience, Ivan has brought In Square to another level of competitiveness as well as branding awareness among the media and the consumers.
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