Monday, January 03, 2011

Male Style Advice - Scarves

Hey guy's out there! Bored of your own dress sense? For guys, we are always restricted with what we wear, and many times being lazy, we just want it to be simple and that's it. Here's a way! I'm not really a fashion guru, but was watching this You-tube video , just thought of sharing with many people out there, who's always troubled with what to wear to stand out among the crowd!

Here's the way! A scarf to keep you warm and look good! Bought this from Esprit, I can't remember the exact price. But basically, it's quite easy for many of the guys. Put it on, and you are ready to be on the street! Looking different from other guys. Most importantly, it doesn't look gay !

Now...follow some simple steps and you are ready to make a difference in your dress sense!

1: Get ready a piece of scarf!
2: Fold the long piece of scarf into 2.

3: Next, with the scarf folded, place it over your neck.
4. On the folded side, open a "hole" and place the split end into it. Pull it out!

5. And finally... you are ready to step out of the street!

Just a simple and cost effective way to look better during the festive season!
Hope this helps! =)


TikkoSS's Blog said...

nice... hahahaa..

kevinskh said...


Jiashinlee said...

looks good :) should add a jacket!

kevinskh said...

Haha. Thanks for the advice Jiashin! Anyway, u have a nice blog. Keep it up!

PrisCielLa said...

LOL. xP this is funneh~~

Philip Khor said...

i don't really care about style mostly, but nice shots anyway

Darran said...

The only problem is that Singapore is too humid for scarfs.

kevinskh said...

Pris >> Hahah... shh. Don't laugh. I treat you Royce next time. Hhahaha.

Philip >> Thanks! You have a nice blog too. =)

Darran >> Haha. Yea... and the hot weather is back in SG again!

PrisCielLa said...

I go fly to Sg nowww! XDXD