Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reunion Dinner with NTU Hall 14 老人 club - Binjai Park Peperoni Pizzeria

We declared ourselves as the Hall 14 老人 club... but in our heart, is full of vibrance and youth. If you were there with us, I think you will agree that we are the noisiest bunch. But I'm sure we brought liveliness to the restaurant. ;)

This 21inch pizza is definitely bigger than my head. Yea... I know I have big head. I think 2 or 3 times bigger lah...haha!

Junyue and Ben Lum proving to you this pizza is HUGH.
The China boy cum Xinseh-to-be Yixia(right), together with my roomie Dennis(left)... actually is ex-roomie lah. Cos I rented my hall to him liao...

Gatherings are always full of gossips, yea...JUICY gossips. Whose the 男女主角? Hmm, for us to know... for you to find out!


The ladies... from left, Serena, Daphne, Geri, Meixian, Huiyee

The handsome guys... haha.
Left, 2nd row: Yongyang, Yixia, Justin, Weiyong,Joseph, Darius
Left, 1st row: Dave, Dennis, Chun Hern, Ben Lum, Junyue, Myself, Clement, Desmond

We are the BANG BANG BANG group. lol...

朋友. 新年快乐. 万事如意. =)

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