Sunday, January 16, 2011

Updates from Thailand again!

I think today I ate...ALOT. Tml got to save abit liao. Or else bo lui liao.

Maybe you thinking why am I updating so much...haha. Cos my friends, no lah...actually specially for TAN YAN PEI. lol... I promised her I will blog here to let her know I'm safe. So if I don't blog, later she think I kena kidnapped or something. Yes Yanpei, I'm safe! Don't worry!

Slept until gao gao today. Left hostel in the afternoon to Sunflower plantation near my place. Good thing is... IT'S FREE! Haha... backpack mah..must saved abit.

The view is...AMAZING.

After sunflower plantation... went to the weekend Chatuchak market. Damn crowded. Damn hot. Walked for 3 hours...abit dulan... i got 3 beer singlets for $11 ! Saw Quen Seng... my MAE friend in Bkk. The world is so small... in school never see him. Come Bangkok see him... Lol...

After Chatuchak...went to Chinatown to explore. Never been to this place before. So tried to explore on my own...took train, then tuk tuk..walked n walked...n walked... until suddenly a dim sum shop appear in front of me. I was VERY VERY VERY excited. Ate alot of dimsum...i think the owner oso think I crazy.

K lah...that's all for today.

Tml visiting my supervisor khun Mi. Last time from Bosch one. Shuld be a slow and lobo day tml...

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