Saturday, January 15, 2011

Updating from the land of all smiles

Hi all... today I'm damn tired. I'm like slouching on the seat while typing this entry. Early morning the hostel asked me to shift room cos of some error. Now I'm sleeping in a single room with a king size bed. Woohoo. But sianz, tml got to move back to the dorm again..aiya.

Woke up at 9am to the school. Win, the Hostel Incharged droved us to the school. Was together with another German guy, Andy. And he brought along his Thai girlfriend. Skilled sia. I wonder why am I always so ZHUN knowing people from Bosch, in Hongkong, now in Bkk. I think I gonna become half thai-german now...

After lesson... went to swim. I think the sun made me exhausted. And after that...went to MBK to shop. Walked and walked till I "Car Sng" . Shopped for 5 hours... bought new shoes, new jeans, new shirt. Ready for CNY. Now dunno how to pack into my bag nia.

Tml heading to Chatuchak, and maybe see got massage anot. Muaythai training cancelled. Which maybe a gd from online reviews they run 8km. Training damn shiong. Heng sai.

So tml is abit lobo. But I feel like checking out the sunflower plantation. Dunno...see how it goes. Okay...getting tired. Videos here:

At the school... after lesson. Our adorable children.

At Mbk...

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