Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chong's Clinic CNY gathering

Chong's clinic gathering at Chin Chin's hse last Saturday! Haha, don't you think I'm the 最幸福的男人? Awww... don't be jealous! Lol. I'm here with clinic's 七公主! Lol.

Huimin, Eve and Deborah helping themselves with the buffet...

The little girl who resembles the cartoon character in the Angpao...

The last last last generation of Chong's... already 开花结果... haha, soon will be our batch soon! And it will MULTIPLIES!

The tradition lohei...

Lo arh! Huat arh! But we can't bless 身体健康 and 生意兴隆 at the same time. Lol.. what an irony!

The aftermath.

With Chinchin's daughter Felise and Son...Lucas.


And of cos we didn't forget to gamble during the festive season!

Doctor as the banker...

Who had cheated all our ang pao $$$$! Arghhh!


Jojo bought cake to celebrate valentine's day! May the singles get attached soon and the couple get married soon! Hahha...

The last generation... (clockwise), myself, daniel, samantha, jia'e .

The newcomers...Huimin and Eve!

Chong's clinic BIG FAMILY! P.S: Doctor really know how to find his angle... haha.

Before we left... we "kinect-ed" at chin chin's house... look at the "50 going to be" doctor, so 激动!

Haha...and this is how I play Kinect! 大人欺负小孩子。 =P

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