Wednesday, February 02, 2011

First Chinese New Year Lohei with NTU Mechanical Engin Kakis

NTU Mech Kakis LOHEI! First Chinese New Year Lohei with them, and I expect more to come during the CNY season...

Thanks to WeiZe, Jialiang and Shiwei, they bought back the Yusheng, and 加料 with roasted meat. Save us alot more if we were to eat at some other restaurants!

Sashimi...but I'm not a fan of it.

While some of them were waiting...

Some were busy discussing... Derrick : Like your shirt, JUST DO IT!

And they were still discussing which steps to go first... lol. In the end we depended on an Iphone for the answer. Can't live without technology!

Alright, we are all ready to go!
From left: Shouzhi(yellow shirt), Nicholas, Shiwei, Wei Ze, Cheng Siong, Jialiang, Derrick, Alexis, Junyue, myself, Yanpei, Peishan


These are my Engineering and Innovative Design group project members whom I met 2 years ago...time flies!

Let's take a look at some RAW footage of the LoHei video before I end this post... HUAT ARH!!! 除夕 lo!!!! 恭喜发财!


Glo-w~* said...

Lols bet my list would have came in handy. the lou sang looks really fresh and yummy!

Losty said...

Messy-ly good fortune!