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兔年好Lobang (7) – Burn off the excess calories from CNY!

Hello readers of Fifth Avenue, welcome back after the long CNY holidays! This week, we have prepared some activities that you may like to consider to burn off the extra calories off the belly gain from excessive eating during CNY! We are very glad to invite Vincent Ng, founder of Wufang Singapore, to share with you his journey in setting up Wufang, and some exercises from his school.

Catch Vincent's exclusive interview here!!!

The history of Wufang actually started 6 years ago. Wufang initially take in students at community clubs and schools. It was until last December, Wufang Singapore finally found its home at YoHa Jurong, 200 Jurong East Avenue 1.

Vincent mentioned that finding a home for Wufang was not an easy task. The most difficult part was to find a suitable location big enough to house his students. It was even tougher as the rental fees in Singapore were too high. But with his determination, he solved these problems and now he has his own school at Jurong. He believed that only with well-equipped facilities, his students will be able to develop their fullest potential, and the next batch of Wushu talents will be successfully groomed. Till date, Wufang has more than 800 students! The youngest student was 3 years ago, and oldest was 70! He once had 3 generation of students learning wushu together! The granny, her daughter, and granddaughter!

Wushu not only helps to build up your fitness level, it also aids in enhancing coordination and foster team bonding. Other than Wushu, Wufang also offers a wide range of activities, such as Muay Thai (San Shou) courses, Tai Chi courses, and also Lion Dance courses. Vincent mentioned that in time to come, Wufang will also be offering Yoga and Pilate courses too!

Fred not if you are afraid that you can’t keep up with the courses, because Wufang has different programs that cater to the needs of the individual. For example for children between 3 to 5 years old, there’s a special program known as “ L'enfant Fitness “ which consists of games and activities adapted from ball sports, gymnastics and martial arts. L'enfant Fitness programmes are fun and enables children to learn basic body control, awareness, coordination, agility and strength.

This week, let Fifth Avenue introduce you Wushu and Muay Thai(San Shou).


As one of the earliest and long-lasting sports, wushu has developed its own characteristics over time.

Due to its long history incorporating different elements of culture, ideology, region, and usages, wushu has developed into a great variety of schools and styles. The assortment of schools and styles displays the colorful features of wushu and gratifies the various needs of people.

Wushu includes the use of many weapons. The combinaiton of fist fights and weapon usage allows for a fuller and more efficient application of wushu skills while sharpening the insight of combat, control and enriching the program of wushu.

The combination of offence and defense is the essence of wushu. Implication of offence and defense permeate the complete gamut of wushu.

The movement of the human body is only the external display of wushu. Wushu is by no means limited to the external movement, but also emphasizes the full display of the internal temperament, mental attitude and potential of the human being. The practice of Wushu not only strengthens the bones and muscles but also the internal organs and intelligence. Coordination and cooperation are called for with each and every movement of the hand, eye, body, foot and form of movement. Wushu stresses that the mind directs the inner circulation of air flow within the body and that the inner circulation of air generates the external strength so demonstrating the combination of external and internal forces. Cultivating air flows inside the body in order to improve the basic structures inside the body is an important purpose of wushu exercises.

In few words Wushu's functions are moral cultivation, offence and defense, curative effect, health improvement, artistic effect and intelligence.

Wufang offers 2 classes for Wushu : Junior Class 6 - 12 yrs old, Senior Class 13 yrs old & above

Muay Thai/ San Shou

Muay Thai / San Shou is a unique program that teaches self defense techniques. Adapted from the ancient art of Muay Thai and Chinese kickboxing San Shou, the program emphasizes on the practicality of self-defense. Common techniques consist of punching, elbow, kicking, knee striking, blocking, grappling and wrestling.
Apart from learning all these techniques, you will be engaged in an intensive and scientific training regime which also helps to build up your fitness level.
Muay Thai/San Shou is applicable for those 14 yrs and above. It is divided into 3 different levels, basic, intermediate and advance.

Visit Wufang website for more details on the courses!

Remember to catch Fifth Avenue on Thursday, as we bring you more exercises in Wufang! More interviews with Vincent Ng as he brings you highlights on his 2nd edition of fitness book!

Credits: Wufang Singapore

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