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兔年好Lobang (8) – Get this book to complete your workout for a lean and trim body!

Time flies, and now we are into the last episode of our CNY series. Our last episode, we will continue our last part of interview with Vincent Ng, 翁清海. On top of the exercises and activities from Wufang, we are going to wrapped it up with some highlights from Vincent’s 2nd edition of his book, Ten. Hope this will help some of our readers out there to burn away the excess calories from CNY!

Catch Vincent’s exclusive interview on his new book!

In this 2nd edition of Ten, Vincent will like to share with his readers some new exercises regime! He finds that as time goes, many things changes, and new things evolve along the way. Ten 2nd edition is also an new evolvement in Vincent’s fitness training. Check out more highlights of the book in the video!

Get a copy of Ten 2nd edition now! All proceeds will be go towards Wufang Touch.

What is Wufang Touch?

Wufang Touch is a bursary set up by Wufang Singapore for the under privilledge students who displayed a strong interest in Martial Arts. It is given to talented athletes at Wufang School of Martial Arts to help support their education and sports.


Enable Wushu athletes to keep training and compete. This would also help to preserve the art form in Singapore.

How to apply?

Applicants must provide a letter of recommendation from a coach as well as educators. Applicants must state their intentions of how they would use the bursary if awarded to them.

5 Wufang Touch bursaries about $2,000 each would be given out each year.
If you would like to apply, or make a contribution to Wufang Touch Bursary, do contact Wufang for more details !

Fifth Avenue has one more exercise from Wufang to recommend to you!


Taichi is a unique martial arts form that consists of health enhancing exercises while expressing an appreciation of artistry. Taichi is fast gaining popularity worldwide because benefits it brings to one's overall health and well being.
Recent scientific research has proven that Taichi:

• Reduces stress
• Increases flexibility
• Strengthens muscles and joints
• Improves body awareness, coordination
• Improves body alignment
• Improves balance and thus reducing the possibility of falling
• Increases energy and stamina
• Promotes inner peace and calmness
• Improves sleep quality
• Has anti-aging benefits

In Wufang, there are 3 different types of Taichi being taught:

Chen Style Taichi

Chen Style Taichi is widely recognized as the oldest and the ancestor of all the other Taichi styles. Although it is characterized by its low powerful stances, more obvious body coiling movements, stomping and explosive releases of power that are mostly absent from the practice of other styles of Taichi. Chen Style Taichi can also be practiced with graceful, slow and light movements. The martial aspects and health benefits are still preserved and retained within the Chen Style.
Suitable for all Taichi enthusiasts, this program focuses on 74 Chen Style Taichi (Lao Jia Yi Lu) and will be taught by renowned Taichi master Xu Jing Ge. Besides improving individual fitness and wellness, the program also aims to develop the understanding and practice of Taichi.

Yang Style Taichi

One of the earliest forms of Taichi, Yang Style Taichi is very popular and widely practiced even today. The movements are generally slow and even, gentle but strong, large in frame and executed in a circular motion. Yang Style movements are usually practiced for its therapeutic and aesthetic benefits.

Chi Fitness

Slow, smooth, circular and fluid movements. Intense body and mind coordination. Focus. A calm mind and a relaxed body. Meditative.
Chi Fitness is a new innovative training program adapted from the ancient therapeutic art of Taichi. Chi Fitness focuses on breathing, awareness, postural alignments, and the flow of the movements. Chi Fitness requires little space, is low in intensity, high in mental concentration and adopts innovative and creative methods of training. Chi Fitness may require additional sports equipment like the Bosu balls and wobble boards. It also uses music as an auditory and to calm the mind.

The Taichi classes are suitable for 13yrs and above.

Do visit Wufang website for more details on the courses available!

Wufang Singapore

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