Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Year with the rest of my friends

Finally finished editing all the other CNY pics... here u go!'s lohei again. Haha...CNY, endless of Lohei!

Clockwise, Myself, Daniel, Huimin, Poying

Lol.. our unique way of mahjong! Teaching Daniel how to play we opened all our tiles. LoL

Daniel thinking deeply what tiles to

Another grp pic... Huimin, Py, Daniel and Myself

Cny...also met up another group of friends here. Myself, Sophia, Songwei and Justin.

Was at Timbre....

"Live" performances..


Not forgetting Pris too... and myself...

CNY over lo...time to work hard for FYP and look forward to graduation!

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min said...

wah my orange nails so pretty. :D