Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Ferry Khie!

For the sake of the Indo Boi. I can't type in Chinese.
祝您生日快乐, 年年有余, 身体健康, 恭喜老爷, 贺喜老爷。 (Find out what it means. *evil grins* Muahhahah!)

Our 八仙 less 两仙 today. Mindy busy with work, Suhui MIA. Supposed to celebrate for her lah, but dunno where she disappear to. Hope she's alright!

Pretty simple dinner, @ Amk Pizza Hut and followed by dessert @ Amk Mac Cafe, treat from the birthday boy.

Guess as time pass by, when we get older, the significance of gathering is more of the quality time, rather than costly dinner.

As usual, we still enjoy updating each other our lives, and reminiscing the good old days. There are times that some of us are not doing well, but we lend a listening ear, and offer word of advice. For the rest, we extend our well wishes to them and hope they will do better.

More than 10 years of friendship. That's what friends are for. =)

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