Thursday, March 17, 2011

Help Japan Quake Victims

Got a facebook msg from Saiteng one day...

" Hi guys, I guess by now most of you have heard of the disaster that have befallen on Japan. This is one of their worst crisis ever after WW2. With their unstable nuclear reactor ready to explode anytime, they maybe be in for another round of nuclear epidemic after "Little Boy" on the city of Hiroshima and "Fat Man" over Nagasaki.

I'm actually doing my small bit in helping the people of Japan and I hope to borrow your help too. You can purchase the this simple canvas sneakers at a affordable price of $24 and all proceeds will go to Mercy Relief to aid the people of Japan. Every effort counts, let us all put in a little effort to help.

*(All $24 will go towards helping the needy in Japan. We are not taking a single cent) "

Did a small part in contributing. Thought it was quite an unique way to raise funds.

People in Japan, we pray for you.
Hero in Japan, we salute you.
加油。不要放弃。 相信奇迹。

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