Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yanpei's Birthday Celebration at Serangoon Nex Xian De Lai (鲜得来)

Celebrated my Mech Engin Kaki, Yanpei's birthday @ Serangoon Nex, 鲜得来 last Friday... quite unique experience. Each of us were served with a traditional pot which looks much like an urn to me. Lol. With that, we then threw our food into the pot of soup, pretty much like having steamboat. It came along with a bowl of rice too. Drinks not inclusive.

Price wise...I would say average, 19++ each. Service wise... probably just 2 stars out of 5. =)

And we continued with overnight mahjong all the way till 7 in the morning. By then, was already damn shacked. I guess, as time goes by, my body is not getting use to overnight events. Still remember those days when I was still in my teens, staying up in chalets and mahjong were no kick to me... I'm getting old!


Alright...looking at the time now, I should turn in soon. =)

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benilhalk said...

Glad to know about your birthday party. Our official success party was a total blast with all colleagues. Thanks to the boss for booking such a super cool event space Chicago for our entertainment. Exquisite food and desserts with amazing Dj was liked by all. Got appreciative speeches and gifts as well. It was a great day.