Saturday, April 02, 2011

Singapore Biennale 2011 Open House @ National Museum of Singapore

Was @ Singapore Biennale @ NSM 2 weeks ago...

Something caught my eyes and decided to snap it.

A closer look, you will be able to notice that this artpiece was done by using unwanted materials, with plaster of paris... environmental friendly sia!


Saw this video clip... and I wonder, what happens if Singapore were to encounter massive floods and Tsunami? Or any forms of natural disasters? Are we prepared for it?

Don't ask me why. But I have a special feeling for this artwork.

Dig out your favorite childhood toys from here!

Also visited other galleries here...

Hmm, saw this picture and a tinge of sadness just sets in. Pray for Japan...

The olden days of Spore. I think nowadays I only have Vodka glass bottles instead.

Ok, Ready, Camera, ACTION!

你听到吗?我听到了。。。 它说。。。

Every colors here, depicts a different feeling...don't you think so?

Sometimes, in life... we really need to take out some time from our busy ponder and reflect....


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