Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Singapore Blog Awards 2011 Trailer - Featuring Ybloggist Alumni

Thanks to Weiding and the team of, the trailer for Singapore Blog Awards 2011 is out!

Was at SPH on Good Friday for the shoot.
桃子 (2010 Ybloggist),Sie Yen(2009 Ybloggist Champion, Myself (2009 Ybloggist 2nd Runner-Up), and Yuan Ting (2009 Ybloggist 1st Runner-Up)

Didn't manage to take many pictures, but the behind the scene was really hilarious!

Lol... this scene, we were really trying our very best to act busy...

Luckily it didn't end up like those whispers scene where the girls started chit-chatting about their lifestyle... lol.




Yuan Ting...

Sieyen with her creative drawing skills...

Sieyen and Yuanting : 社交生活。。。 (NG! NG! NG!)

Myself and 桃子: 因, 部落格而精彩! (NG AGAIN!)

预备。。。 1。。。2。。。3! (Gek Sai Face)

Jump Shot! (Voice Over: Get SOCIAL!)'s the masterpiece!

Catch more updates from Singapore Blog Awards 2011 here!

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