Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A new hang out place is in town! Playnation @ Scape

Was at Playnation @ Scape together with the Mech Engin kakis after our dim sum buffet..

Quoting from playnation website, "...more than 100 hand-picked console game titles for the Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii platform..."

Shiwei and Chengsiong here engrossed with "guitar hero" ....

And the rest of us were sweating out in the game Kinect, which most of us were involved in games like track, bowling, volleyball, soccer, boxing, etc. A good workout definitely, especially after the heavy dim sum buffet!

The interior deco here create a cozy feeling, and spacious enough to allow big movements and sensor detection for some of the games.

Alexis and Wei Ze involved in Kinect Boxing. Wei Ze seriously wanted to knock Alexis out in this game!

Check out our boxing video!

Other than console game packages, playnation also cater board games packages as well. You get to enjoy console game packages at the lowest price of $8.50 for 4 hours, with free flow of drinks. Definitely a good place to chill with your friends, maxing out quality time yet cost efficient at the same time!

Play Nation @ Scape
2 Orchard Link
Singapore 237978
Tel: 6634 3065

Play Nation @ Princep Street
64 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188667
Tel: 6336 9578

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Friday, May 27, 2011

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant 万豪轩 Dim Sum Buffet @ Marriot Hotel

Was at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant with some of the NTU Mech Engin guys to mark the end of our FYP...

320 Orchard Road, 3F Marriott Hotel, Singapore
Tel: +65 6831 4615

With OCBC cards, we got to enjoy the dim sum buffet at a cheaper price. Well, with the ambiance, food and service, it's definitely worth the price.

The dim sum and food generally was good... many variety to choose from, but there's no traditional dim sum favorites like egg tart and xiao long bao...

Busy eating, haha.

This custard bun was good. *Drools*


"Har Gao" was fresh too...

I think this was some fried beancurd skin with prawn fillings...

Not forgetting the traditional cha siew bao....

Duck wings and roast meat. I prefer the latter though. Skin was crispy...meat was not very fattening. But be sure the meat go with the chilli. Ups.

Spicy dumplings...

Carrot Cake....

Other than the traditional dim sums, there are other chinese dishes that you can order from the menu as well....

Coffee Ribs.. hmm, for me...this was so-so. If you are really full, you can actually give this a miss.

Jialiang, Cheng Siong, Shiwei...

Alexis, Junyue, Wei Ze...

Gerald, Ashly, Marcus, Shou Zhi and myself

Haha, and Ms Tan Yan Pei, if you are viewing my blog, the guys specially dedicate this picture to you...

All the best to your future endeavours guys!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Have a break, watch Fast and Furious 5. =)

Not exactly freedom yet. One more presentation to go. =)

Anyway. The difference b/w a final year engin student and a non-engin one?
You don't hear us shouting, " Last paper in NTU loh!" or "Say goodbye to my final sem!" ... cos it's "PAN DANG" A.k.a Taboo.
Because the papers were so tough that we seriously don't know what to expect... majiam like GE2011 or Star Awards Top 10 results. (Kk...GE2011 more exciting definitely.)

But anyway, Guan Yin Ma pls bo pi bo pi me clear all modules please. *begs*

I woke up early in the morning at 5.30am for a morning jog. The best came after the work out, that was to reward myself with the authentic "Sio Sio" Wonton Noodles!

Keep chanting on my blog doesn't count. So like what my prof and teachers always say, " Actions speak louder than words." I went down to waterloo street to pray to Guan Yin Ma. Please bless me to clear all my modules and pass my FYP with FLYING colors! And bless mummy good health and get well soon!

Finally had time to catch a movie after so long... last movie was... 大世界. Few months ago loh! Fast and Furious 5 was damn good. Other than the gorgeous ladies, the plot really keep your adrenaline going. Never did I check the time throughout the 2hr + show. Make sure you keep your eyes open before you miss any fast moving scene!

Gal Gadot, one of gorgeous ladies in Fast and Furious 5. Did a random search on the internet, and realized she's an Israeli actress and represented Israeli in Ms Universe 2004. Woahhh~

Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto, who's Vin Diesel's sister and Paul Walker's girlfriend in the show.

Dinner @ Hans...

Awwww.... If I only have $2 left, you will know where I will spend it on. Kaya Cake. AWWWWWWWWWWW.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend @ Benten Cafe + Old School Delights

Following to the f-up paper, friends and I went to Benten Cafe @ Jurong point to venge our stress and unhappiness. And so we ordered...

Anbiry Baburu - The Massive Ice Cream! Can serve up to 4 - 6 people. 3 too much, 6 just nice.
Cost about $38++ ...

Cheng Siong. Wanted to use his head as the gauge to the size of the ice cream. But..abit failure leh.

1/2 way there. Cheng Siong and Wei Ze.

Wei Ze can't take it anymore!!!

Weekends, had a simple dinner with friends @ Old School Delights, located at Thomson Road

Nostalgic. The country erasers. The 5 stones.

Junyue the Doremon

Love birds. Geri and Clement.

The 好姐妹. Geri and Daphne.

Shunfu Buddies. Myself and Daphne

Take care of yourself and enjoy ur grad trip Daphne! =)