Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend @ Benten Cafe + Old School Delights

Following to the f-up paper, friends and I went to Benten Cafe @ Jurong point to venge our stress and unhappiness. And so we ordered...

Anbiry Baburu - The Massive Ice Cream! Can serve up to 4 - 6 people. 3 too much, 6 just nice.
Cost about $38++ ...

Cheng Siong. Wanted to use his head as the gauge to the size of the ice cream. But..abit failure leh.

1/2 way there. Cheng Siong and Wei Ze.

Wei Ze can't take it anymore!!!

Weekends, had a simple dinner with friends @ Old School Delights, located at Thomson Road

Nostalgic. The country erasers. The 5 stones.

Junyue the Doremon

Love birds. Geri and Clement.

The 好姐妹. Geri and Daphne.

Shunfu Buddies. Myself and Daphne

Take care of yourself and enjoy ur grad trip Daphne! =)

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