Sunday, June 26, 2011

HTC incredible S... blending into my life, *Warning* - read AFTER meals.

HTC Incredible S has slowly blend into my life... especially when I'm traveling from one place to another. The build in function FM radio keeps me updated with the latest news, music records from our local radio stations...

CLASS 95... my preset channel. I can be quite a boring chap, sometimes tuning into News Radio 93.8fm too. Haha. (I'm serious)

Apart from plucking in those ear phones, with the bookmarks widget, I'm able to surf my favourite websites easily on the go!

Another widget available for me to browse easily, emails. Synchronizing all my mails from gmail, hotmail, everything at one go. Sometimes, I really want to take a nap on bus, but HTC Incredible S has simply too many stuff for me to explore ! Really get my fingers busy all day!

Nowadays, I don't bring my digicam around. With HTC Incredible S, 8 megapixels shot, I can just easily slot the sleek phone into my jeans. It's damn convenient! Well, it makes no different from the digicam I'm using. Look at the 8 colorful xiao long baos, drooling now? Save it, cause more food pictures captured by HTC Incredible S coming up!

18 June 2011:
Taken at Orchard Ion, Paradise Dynasty, 乐天皇朝. The signature xiao long baos cost $13++ .
Ranging from Ginseng, Cheese, Garlic, Original, Spicy, and many more. Worth the try... =) But original is always the safest choice.

Seafood La Mian. $15++ Fresh prawns, scallops, crap meat. And best thing was the noodles, man-made, instead of machine. Trust me, you can taste the different. Thumbs up!

Cold Tofu with Century Egg. A simple dish, but the combination of Century Eggs and Cold Tofu brings wonder.

25 Jun 2011:
Checked out this place at King Louise Grill & Bar, Vivocity, located beside Daiso. Food was not bad, abit costly though. Saw some negative reviews online, well, perhaps there was some change of management. Personally I felt not as bad as it was reflected. Well, if you are going down with a group of guys, don't order the banquet (comes in King's and Queens Banquet). Looking at the picture above, I'm sure it will not satisfy your cravings. Can't exactly remember the price though, but if I'm not wrong was more than $60 for the banquet set. As for the taste, will give it 3.5 stars out of 5. Freshness is there, especially the cheese prawns and fillet.

Well, some of us was quite hungry and ordered steak and ribs too. Ribs was good... don't ask me bout the steak, can't take beef!

There's happy hour on Saturday, discounted price for Hoe Garden beer. =)

On the same day, we moved on to Udders at Novena after meal.

Udders serve alcoholic ice cream. So kids who are below 18, I'm sorry! You gotta miss this.

Try going for Lychee Martini and Choya. Not too strong, the taste is quite refreshing though.

Together with Shoel and her kakis checking out good food.
Credits : Swee Hua

Credits : Swee Hua

The above shots were all taken by HTC Incredible S unless otherwise stated.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm injured, but thanks to Asus N43 !

Hi all, sprained my neck and visited a sin seh today. The cracking of bones was...WOAH. Quite bad that I couldn't turn my neck, and even had difficulties climbing out of bed. So most of the time I was resting on my bed... but 谢谢大家的祝福! Thanks everybody. =)

But thanks to Asus N43, I'm able to keep my updates onto my blog and facebook...

Did a couple of entries today... all thanks to Asus.

Kevin at work. Haha...

Will keep you guys posted on the reviews of Asus N43!
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The convenience of HTC Incredible S!

Ever since I started endorsing HTC Incredible S phone, many had asked, "So what's so special about this phone? " or " So how is this phone better than XXX phone? "

Well, to be frank, before I started using HTC incredible S, I really knew nuts about this product. But after started exploring, HTC Incredible S is more user-friendly than I actually thought.

Since I have been repeating many times about these 2 functions which I seriously like about HTC phones to my friends, guess I shall share it with my readers out there. Now, HTC incredible S can actually auto-synchronize your friends' information from facebook, twitter, whatsapp and merge EVERYTHING into their profile! This is not an application but this function is inbuilt within the phone!

I don't have to log into my individual apps to find out the information about my friends. Everything is within a touch! I can now just open my friend's profile within a single touch, and decide what actions later. That save so much time!

Well, apart from that, "Friendstream" is another function which's very useful to the social media addicts. With Friendstream, you are now able to view all your friends' status updates in facebook and twitter at one go! In addition to that, you can also update your status once, and it will be broadcasted to both fb and twitter! It's so convenient and saves so much time. Of course, you also have the option to post to either fb or twitter too.

With HTC Incredible S, it's so much convenient now!

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Formula Drift Singapore 2011

Thanks to the organizers ESPN and Marina Bay Singapore, I was invited to Formula Drift 2011 last Saturday at the F1 building...

Preparing the driver before the race...

The working crew behind the scene ...

Ready, Get Set, GO!

The cars exhibition caught the attention of many... well, I'm one of them!

Guess, some were here for the cars, and some were here for the babes.. thanks for posing and looking into my camera. Haha.

Shoel and myself. The wind was strong, and we tried a couple of times camwhore. Guess we need more practice with cam-whoring though. Haha.

Catch the excitement! Woohoo!

Nah, I don't own the car. Waiting for $$$$ to drop from the sky before I get the chance yea. Shall frame this picture up. Lol...

At the starting point...

Shoel here...

Well, if you are too bored with the cars' pictures, you can divert your attention to me. ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pictures come to life with HTC Incredible S!

Pictures come to life with HTC incredible S, with it's 8 megapixel camera, it can seriously capture every essence of the object taken, and make it come to life! It's as good as previewing my blog and pictures on a HD screen!
Disclaimer: Please put on your thick foundation or BB cream before using.
Was at Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie @ Raffles City to experience the wonders of HTC incredible S camera!

Now, look at this cup of coffee here. I'm impress with how the camera actually captures the foams on the surface. In fact, HTC incredible S is able to capture the surface gradient of the cup of coffee, doesn't it look as if it's just right infront of you now?
Price : $5.00

Making full use of the functions of the camera, I'm allow to crop the picture by just the pinch of my fingers with ease!

Are you able to see EACH and SINGLE foam on the surface now? Hmm... I wonder how does this go on my face. =X

Well, apart from the cropping function, HTC incredible S, like many other phone cameras, also allow the user to enhance the photo with different effects. But often, due to the limited effects in other phones, users often have to download other applications. I actually had to download other applications in my previous phone. However, HTC incredible S has a total of 11 effects to choose from! All within the camera functions!

Doesn't this set of pictures create a sense of retro "feel" ?

Though with the enhance effects, the essence of the pictures still remain. Look at the big foam on the top right hand of the coffee, in the 3 pictures. Still as clear!

If you like to add alittle border to your picture, try "Basic Frame" function. If not, probably "Bleak" adds on a little vintage feel to your pictures too.

Well, if you dislike the effects, you can stick to the original too.

And apart from coffee, also tried out the restaurant carbonara. Spaghettini served with an onion and bacon cream sauce, poached egg and sprinkled with aged Parmesan cheese.
Price: $13.50
The cream is just nice, not too creamy. Together with the bacon, it added flavors to the dish and it was just right.

Bolognaise & poached egg with Parmesan cheese.
Price $16.00
Are you drooling already? The egg was superb!

Coffee (Brown) and Pistachio (Green)
Each at $2.50
Personally, I prefer the coffee one. But, I'm not a fan of macaroon, so probably I will give this a miss next time round.

Triple Chocolate Cheese Cake
Walnut chocolate fudge cake, chocolate chip cheese cake and dark chocolate chantily
Price : $8.00 per slice
The cheese and chocolate just melts in your mouth...and was WOAH!

And finally, with Shoel here. We didn't forget to try out the twilight effect of the HTC incredible S camera function too. =) Thankfully, our complexion is still on the acceptable range. =X
If it get worst maybe I will consider SBA Adonis Best Beauty Blog next year. Probably I will be end up being the thorns among the roses ! =x

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A long lost mentor... Dr. Tan Wee Kiat

Back in the 1990s, when I was still in my primary school days, my mum was a hawker selling minced meat noodles at the old NIE campus which was located at Bukit Timah. During school holidays, Mum would usually bring me along so she could take care of me, and at the same time managing her stall. I still remembered I killed my time by catching spiders, big ants, and even playing card games with the NIE Teacher-to-be undergrads. One or two of them coincidentally became my primary school teacher before I left my Westlake Primary.

Thankfully, I met Dr. Tan during one of those days. I'm lucky to have met him, as he had brought me around to places like Botanic Gardens, Science Center, his offices and even to his house. Along the way, I pick up some knowledge which was never taught in class... such as pitcher plants, and in fact, some of these plants can grow as big as the size of a human palm.

Today, Dr. Tan is already 72 years old, still engaging in sports such as swimming. We met up today, after so many years. I think I last saw him was in 1998. He passed me two of his books on Singapore stamps. When I was young, Dr. Tan used to bring me to Singapore Philatelic Museum to look at the exhibition on Singapore Stamps. I had also later pick up the hobby of collecting stamps. But unfortunately, one year ago, the recycle organization accidentally took a bag left outside my house, and my few albums of stamps was gone. Well, stamps, in general, depicts a country's timeline. In fact, there's a story behind every stamps created. It can be a significant country event, an organization's anniversary, and even a famous person who had contributed to the country. These two books in the picture taken above, was written by Dr. Tan, and depicts the history and milestones behind some Singapore stamps. Written in a easy to read manner, suitable for all ages.

It was this book that bring 2 of us back together again. One day, during my NTU exams, I was packing my stuff, and found this book which was given by Dr. Tan when I was younger...

So I started searching Dr. Tan and this book online, and thanks to the power of the internet, not only did it bring the world closer, but it had also helped to reconnect relationships.

Dr. Tan, thanks for teaching me so much when I was younger. Without you, it wouldn't have spurred my interest in science. (I actually took up triple science class in secondary school). Keep in contact, and stay healthy!