Sunday, June 19, 2011

The convenience of HTC Incredible S!

Ever since I started endorsing HTC Incredible S phone, many had asked, "So what's so special about this phone? " or " So how is this phone better than XXX phone? "

Well, to be frank, before I started using HTC incredible S, I really knew nuts about this product. But after started exploring, HTC Incredible S is more user-friendly than I actually thought.

Since I have been repeating many times about these 2 functions which I seriously like about HTC phones to my friends, guess I shall share it with my readers out there. Now, HTC incredible S can actually auto-synchronize your friends' information from facebook, twitter, whatsapp and merge EVERYTHING into their profile! This is not an application but this function is inbuilt within the phone!

I don't have to log into my individual apps to find out the information about my friends. Everything is within a touch! I can now just open my friend's profile within a single touch, and decide what actions later. That save so much time!

Well, apart from that, "Friendstream" is another function which's very useful to the social media addicts. With Friendstream, you are now able to view all your friends' status updates in facebook and twitter at one go! In addition to that, you can also update your status once, and it will be broadcasted to both fb and twitter! It's so convenient and saves so much time. Of course, you also have the option to post to either fb or twitter too.

With HTC Incredible S, it's so much convenient now!

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YEEINGNG ♥ said...

Nice post and I just got myself a galaxy. Android supporter! :)

kevinskh said...

Hey Yeeing,

sorry for the late reply! Haha, really?! Cool.. I'm still a noob in android, still exploring the features!