Thursday, June 09, 2011

Graduate Loh!

The clock strikes 12... checked my results... and...
GRADUATE LOH! The happiest grade was FYP...with a SOLID A!
Bye NTU! Although you didn't give me the best environment to study, but I'm still thankful you offered me a place to study in there... woohoo! That ends my 16 years of education in Singapore! Yes, the education filtration system in Singapore is damn stressful. I seriously hate it. But no pain no gain. Quoting from Barbarella from Noose, "Thanks Everybody Thanks!"


WH said...

Congrats Kevin and all the best in your future endeavour.

From Mr Koh WH (NTU)

kevinskh said...

Wah Mr Koh,

u are still visiting my blog harh. Haha, thanks for ur loyal support!

Yea, take care and thanks for your guidance in NTU!