Sunday, June 26, 2011

HTC incredible S... blending into my life, *Warning* - read AFTER meals.

HTC Incredible S has slowly blend into my life... especially when I'm traveling from one place to another. The build in function FM radio keeps me updated with the latest news, music records from our local radio stations...

CLASS 95... my preset channel. I can be quite a boring chap, sometimes tuning into News Radio 93.8fm too. Haha. (I'm serious)

Apart from plucking in those ear phones, with the bookmarks widget, I'm able to surf my favourite websites easily on the go!

Another widget available for me to browse easily, emails. Synchronizing all my mails from gmail, hotmail, everything at one go. Sometimes, I really want to take a nap on bus, but HTC Incredible S has simply too many stuff for me to explore ! Really get my fingers busy all day!

Nowadays, I don't bring my digicam around. With HTC Incredible S, 8 megapixels shot, I can just easily slot the sleek phone into my jeans. It's damn convenient! Well, it makes no different from the digicam I'm using. Look at the 8 colorful xiao long baos, drooling now? Save it, cause more food pictures captured by HTC Incredible S coming up!

18 June 2011:
Taken at Orchard Ion, Paradise Dynasty, 乐天皇朝. The signature xiao long baos cost $13++ .
Ranging from Ginseng, Cheese, Garlic, Original, Spicy, and many more. Worth the try... =) But original is always the safest choice.

Seafood La Mian. $15++ Fresh prawns, scallops, crap meat. And best thing was the noodles, man-made, instead of machine. Trust me, you can taste the different. Thumbs up!

Cold Tofu with Century Egg. A simple dish, but the combination of Century Eggs and Cold Tofu brings wonder.

25 Jun 2011:
Checked out this place at King Louise Grill & Bar, Vivocity, located beside Daiso. Food was not bad, abit costly though. Saw some negative reviews online, well, perhaps there was some change of management. Personally I felt not as bad as it was reflected. Well, if you are going down with a group of guys, don't order the banquet (comes in King's and Queens Banquet). Looking at the picture above, I'm sure it will not satisfy your cravings. Can't exactly remember the price though, but if I'm not wrong was more than $60 for the banquet set. As for the taste, will give it 3.5 stars out of 5. Freshness is there, especially the cheese prawns and fillet.

Well, some of us was quite hungry and ordered steak and ribs too. Ribs was good... don't ask me bout the steak, can't take beef!

There's happy hour on Saturday, discounted price for Hoe Garden beer. =)

On the same day, we moved on to Udders at Novena after meal.

Udders serve alcoholic ice cream. So kids who are below 18, I'm sorry! You gotta miss this.

Try going for Lychee Martini and Choya. Not too strong, the taste is quite refreshing though.

Together with Shoel and her kakis checking out good food.
Credits : Swee Hua

Credits : Swee Hua

The above shots were all taken by HTC Incredible S unless otherwise stated.
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min said...

your food pictures making me so hungry now!

kevinskh said...

Haha. Something random...ur profile pic look quite sexy leh. =X