Friday, June 10, 2011

HTC Sensation Launch Party

Was invited by and HTC Singapore to the Sensation Launch party last Wednesday, 8th June 2011.

Together with some HTC mobile finalist bloggers, Calvin, Crystal, Melissa and myself striking a pose at the red carpet. Lights, camera, action! (Credits: Crystal and Livestudio)

Many were seen crowding around the HTC sensation promo board... expects faster performance with dual core processor, and on top of that, it's gonna be a multimedia powerhouse, just within the palm of your hand! Gadgets nowadays are getting smaller...smaller...and smaller.

Catch the HTC sensation phone here!

Snap here, snap there. HTC phone spotted! For many guys, including myself, bringing digi cams to party can be a chore for us, especially when our hands are already carrying wallets and phones. Thus, a good camera phone will come in handy.

HTC supporters rocking the house!

Refreshments and food was on the house too!

Seen here with Calvin...

There's a big screen which shows our Fb msges on HTC Facebook page! Visit the HTC FB page for more event updates and pictures!

The bloggers were busy entertaining themselves too... Melissa here having her tattoo. Sorry harh 女人, took your unglam pic. Kept eating...eating... and eating... lol. =X Don't worry guys, there's no feud between 2 of us. Haha!

Got my own HTC tattoo too. Credits to Melissa for taking this pic!

Bloggers are always busy during event invites... because we always want to capture the essence of the event to our readers! Look at Calvin and Melissa, one hand busy with HTC phone, the other with their own cameras. Behind the scene, we were constantly updating our twitter, facebook, foursquare... lol. That's the life of bloggers! Wanna join us?!

Lucky draw session... well, better luck next time !

Tattoo done! Pictures Credit: Calvin

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*Photos taken by HTC Incredible S unless otherwise mentioned. Powered by HTC Singapore and

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