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Gastronomania Feast @ Far East Square

Thanks to and Far East Square... I spent my Saturday afternoon at 45 Pekin Street, embarking on a food trail together with some bloggers from omyblog club. Not only did I have the chance to explore some authentic dishes, but I had also expanded my social circle by knowing more blogging enthusiast!

The first stop was Zhou's Kitchen... but I was late, so by the time I reached...

My poor Pork Shank was already reduced to this state. Never underestimate the bloggers. Seriously, many could have starved themselves for 3 days 3 nights before this...

Okay, to be a more responsible blogger, I went to Zhou's Kitchen to find out more. Here's a better picture. Haha. I hope Zhou's Kitchen's bosses won't come after me for tarnishing their reputation... well, but it must be really so good that the bloggers finished the pork shank so fast!

Zhou's Kitchen features all-time Chinese favourites, as well as well-loved private recipes of the Zhou family. These include the Pansit ( "Xing Hua" Dumplings) , "Xing Hua" style Traditional Home-made Noodles, "Fujian" style Meat Roll (Wu Xiang), and Steamed Clutinous Rice with Crab, which are all regular dishes on the Zhou family's dining table.

Zhou's Kitchen @ Far East Square
9-13 Amoy Street
Singapore 049949
Tel: 6877 1123

Zhou's Kitchen Website

Next, we moved on to Spring, Ju Chun Yuan.

At the entrance, you are welcomed by the traditional architecture, every stroke of the carvings depicts a strong sense of Chinese culture.

Even Ju Chun Yuan's website display a sense of chinese culture... (Disclaimer: Pictures on wall not inclusive)

This refreshing tea makes a good combination with the dishes served.

Hmm... so what has captured these ladies' attention?

Yes...that's it. Ju Chun Yuan's , Buddha jump over the wall. It costs $1288! An auspicious number harh.

The scallop is as big as an average human's thumb!

1/2 piece of abalone found! 真的是赚刀!

If you find that portion is too costly, you can also opt for an individual portion...

The history of Buddha jumps over the wall...

It is said that during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, a Fouzhou county treasury official hosted a dinner at home for Fujian Provincial Governor Zhou Lian. Cooking personally, the official's wife stewed chicken, duck, pork and several types of seafood in an earthen wine jar and came up with a delectable main course. The governor found it so delicious that he praised it profusely....

As time goes by ... Buddha Jump over the wall is a rich combination of shark's fin, abalone, scallop, sea cucumber, fish maw, cuttlefish, pork tendon, flower mushroom and other ingredients.

Ju Chun Yuan's Buddha Jump over the wall's soup base was thick, what I heard from the Chef was that a total of 4 hours was used to prepare the base!

We were also served the following dish... the noodles were not too dry, just nice. And most importantly when it goes into your mouth, the ingredients and noodles mixed together so well that it gives an overall effect.

Spring Ju Chun Yuan
130 Amoy Street
Far East Square
Singapore 049959

Tel: 6536 2655

Ju Chun Yuan Website

Next Stop: Garuda Padang Cuisine

From chinese food, we moved on Indonesia food. Prepared something to be spicy and hot!

Current promotions...

This lime juice came in time to clear my taste bud, and getting ready for the next dish!

Some behind the scene... in action...

Work in progress...

Keropok Man working hard...

The chicken was very tender, and the specialty lies with the blue ginger floss. But if there's a bowl of rice, I'm quite sure both will make me fly high. Not very spicy, but the blue ginger floss actually brings out the traditional Indo feeling...don't be surprised if you suddenly sprout a few sentences of Bahasa Malayu after eating this! (Nah, I'm just

Garuda Padang - Far East Square
Far East Square #01-01
7-8 Amoy Street
Singapore 049949
Tel: +65 6536 4111

Garuda Padang Website

Next Stop: Shin Kushiya

By now, it's as if we were trying out a fusion of Asian food. We've arrived at Shin Kushiya for Jap food! "Kushiyaki" is the Japanese term for 'Charcoal-grilled skewers". In Japan, it is common to find the locals enjoying rounds of Sake and Kushiyaki with good company...

Chef at work...

As usual, we were served with a drink before the main course. Here we had Yuzu cooler, but remember to mix well before you drink!

The main course was the Kushiyaki dishes... We had Ebi Shiso Maki, Buta Bara Yaki Miso, Black pepper yakitori, Tomato Maki. I could still vividly remember how the tomato juices fills my mouth when I gave it an initial bite. Super juicy. To be frank, I'm a carnivore, and I usually don't take any veggies which include tomato. But Shin Kushiya was able to convince me and for someone who's not a veggie lover to say this... you really got to believe it. The Ebi was really fresh, you could really feel the Q-ness in the prawn. Top quality food! Don't forget to dip your Buta Bara Yaki Miso and Black Pepper Yakitori into the special curry salt and plum salt. You pay one price for 3 different flavours! Original, curry and plum! Oh...and one more thing, the meat is quite lean, don't have to worry about my fitness regime much. Lol.

The last dish at Shin Kuishinya was the Kuro Goma Heaven. As the name suggest, the moment you pop the dessert into your mouth, you could really feel that you in heaven. (*Plays Ha Lei Loo Ya....)

This special sesame flavored ice cream is very different from those we normally eat in Singapore. Mixed with the waffled biscuit and extra sesame cream, the effect was WOW. Fireworks in your mouth! Not too sweet, just nice. =)

Shin Kushiya @ Far East Square

33 Pekin Street
Tel: 6438 8991

Shin Kushiya website

Next stop: Mont Calzone

Next stop! Western food! Look at the busy bloggers!

Busy eating...

Keropok Man showing off what he's eating...

Some busy eating, some busying chatting... some busy snapping pictures, and some busying updating their social media status... that's blogger's life!

There was many pizzas and pastas served... thanks to Mont Calzone. Managed to try out the black truffle pizza. The egg yolk and egg white is such a good combi with the thin crust pizza. Trust me, there's a reason for me to still carry on eating after so much food... =)

And there were many others served...

Mont Calzone

38 Pekin Street
Far East Square

Tel: 6557 2304

Mont Calzone Website

Next stop: Mirchi, taste of India.

Mirchi, taste of India.

The interior decor...

Doesn't it give you alittle bollywood "feel" ?

This tandoori platter & lassitude includes lamb, fish, chicken and prawn. Was indeed quite spicy, especially the lamb. Fish and chicken was very tender, suitable for the older people, cause it's easy to bite. Prawn was fresh! Try it out if you had cravings for spicy stuff!

40 Pekin Street
Far East Square
Tel: 6438 4171

Mirchi Website

Next Stop: Hock Lam Beef Noodles

Hock Lam Beef continues the 98 year old tradition of serving the highest quality Teochew beef kway teow in Singapoe. Since 2004, Anthony's (left) daughter, Tina Tan (right), has taken over the crown and continued to win more national accolades.

With 13 ingredients in the gourmet soup base and homemade chilli sauce, many wonder about the secret ingredient that makes this recipe so special. At Hock Lam beef, the owners realized that the secret ingredient was the effort in preparing everything by hand in-house. This effort distinguishes this original recipe from its competitors.

Hock Lam Beef

22 China Street
Far East Square

Hock Lam Beef website

Last Stop! Oni Cupcakes

Finally reached our last stop... I tried to reserve one portion for dessert but was completely full...

Looking at these mini cupcakes... I'm not sure if I should put them into my mouth.... I can't resist and took one. Never underestimate these small cupcakes! Cake 小 but power Max !

Oni Cupcakes
26 China Street
Far East Square
Tel: 6557 0108

Oni cupcakes website

Credits: and Far East Square


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woww looks delicious! i tried shin kushiya before and it was SOOOOOO good.. slurps.

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Haha... yea. Was good! Meet up soon leh!

Shin Kushiya said...

Glad that you enjoyed our Tomato Maki and Kuro Goma Heaven!

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Hi Kelvin,
It was nice meeting you at the feast! I like the way you style your photos! Hope to meet up soon too! :)

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Shin : No probs, thanks for the excellent hospitality! Will try to visit the shop again!

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