Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guys, time to cut your hair at In Square Salon

Though I'm quite lucky that I can stay away from the once a month 大姨妈, but something still bother me like every 2 - 3 weeks? My hair! Probably I'm a meat lover, my hair grows at an incredible speed. I'm so glad that I can trust and leave my hair to In Square Salon . Seen here with Serene, who's damn good in hair and simple facial wash . After a long day at work, she's the person I will go to (apart from my girlfriend), to give me a relaxing peace of mind.

Serene taking good care of my hair... haha.

The friendly and fun-loving Serene trying to hide behind me to allow her head to be smaller, relative to mine. 不要在骗自己了。。。小姐。 Haha!

Before! Left, right, front, back. Wah... standard model profile shot sia. Ehh... disclaimer: I'm not a model.

Ok, 大师, Ivan 出马. Ivan is the creative director of In Square salon... 我的头发怎么可以没有你! How can my hair live without you! Fann Wong has David Gan, I have Ivan Hoo. Er hem, just that I don't know when's my turn to have free bird nest soup too. *hint hint* Haha...nah, Ivan, I'm just joking.

Ivan serious at work. Don't play play harh.

From back view, 你爱拍哪里, 就拍哪里。 Lol.

Ivan tried to stay focus even though I was playing around with my cam. Creative Director... don't mess around with him. Haha, joking lah. Ivan's actually a very friendly friend of mine.

After cutting, time to put on some moulding mud from Sebastian.

Ivan getting ready to wax my hair...

See, his movement so fast that I can't even capture it on cam. Thumbs up!

This busy man... even at 9pm in the evening he still had to entertain his customers over the phone. This is what I call... professionalism. (In Square closes at 8pm on weekdays)

Now, to keep the hair in shape, Ivan sprayed some hair spray on my hair.

*Spray* bUzzz Buzzz.

In addition to normal hair services, In Square salon also provides neck and shoulder massage at an affordable rate to customer. They have staff from Thailand to give you quality Thai massage! Sa Wa Dee Krup!

Done! Masterpiece of Ivan, and thanks to Serene !

Remember to give In Square salon a visit!
Ivan mentioned that my hair getting alittle too dry from all the hair products over the time, suggested I should go for a hair sculpt treatment. Booked an appointment with him this coming Sunday... stay tuned with more updates as I introduce to you the process of the treatment!

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