Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Singapore Blog Awards 2011

Thank you EVERYBODY! I've won the HTC best mobile blog! WoOhoo! Thanks to HTC Singapore and Omy.Sg!
It's the Star Awards among the Singapore bloggers scene. Singapore Blog Awards 2011, 4th year running, has groomed many potential bloggers onto the big stage. First contest with omy.sg was y-bloggist contest in 2009, and from then, omy.sg had provided us lots of opportunities to blog through movie reviews, food reviews, etc. Not only did we brush up on our blogging skills through different social media, we also widen our social network through many Singaporean Bloggers.

Behind the scene! In Square Salon, Creative Director Ivan Hoo styling my hair.

Ivan styling Shoel's hair...

Shoel, myself and Ivan...ready for Sgblogawards 2011 ceremony!

Reached Shang Hai dolly!

Queuing up...

While queuing up to get in, we got lil bored and started to camwhore. Lol.

Before the award ceremony, we have 'live' performances while we were waiting for the party to start!

Camwhore, again. LoL... life as a blogger. lol..

Photo credits: http://team-moonberry.blogspot.com
Got a phone call from Alvin from omy.sg to stand-by. So I saw the bloggers up there...
From left, Irene, Darren, Elaine and myself. And seriously, I thought we were asked to gather to take group pictures. Lol. And then we slowly figured we could have won the awards since each of us represent each sponsored category... lol. The winners from the sponsored category!
Irene - Miss Adonis
Elaine - Asus Best Tech Blog
Darren - Deal.Sg Best Blog
Myself - HTC Best Mobile Blog

Pictures Credits: Omy.sg via Liveshare
My on stage moments! Seriously, never expect I will win this award.
Had never been able to get any first prize in my life, lucky draw, bla bla bla. I have no fate with prizes. Must seriously thank Alvin for nominating me in the first place, 你是我的恩人! If not I will never knew such awards existed.

Picture Credit: Omy.sg

Pictures Credit: Irene a.k.a Moonberry
Will also like to thank my gf, Shoel for your support and encouragement! And all other friends who had voted!

The HTC best mobile blog finalist!
Melissa Choi and Calvin Timothy... my best Kakis!
Melissa was also the finalist for Best Individual Blog !

Seen here with Melissa and SY...also another finalist for HTC best mobile blog category.

Look who Mel and I spotted! Dawn Yang!
Okay lah, must give Mel LOTS of credits. Cos she approached Dawn Yang to take a pic and I tagged along. LoL.

With Jacqueline, another Singaporean Blogger whom I met in omy.sg Gastromania Feast.

Sam Ho! Finalist for Best Individual Blog category.
My senior back in Ang Mo Kio Sec days. This guy used to write songs!

Weiding..omy journalist whom I knew through my Ybloggist days. Time flies!
He was like our blogger 保姆 back then!

With Jessie here...also another blogger I met through Gastromania Feast!

And with the very gorgeous Miss Adonis, A.k.a Moonberry, or better known as Irene... haha.
Known her through Hong Kong Super Shopper Contest! Remember to vote for us! Lol..

And it all started out with....

Here's A Recapped of all my HTC posts!

1.Back from HTC Sensation Launch Party

2.HTC Sensation Launch Party

3.Pictures come to life with HTC Incredible S!

4.The convenience of HTC Incredible S!

5.HTC incredible S... blending into my life, *Warning* ....

Congratulations to all the winners!

Best Family Blog
Daphne Ling
Mother, Inc
Best Social Media Integrated Blog
Eric Lim
The Real Eric Lim
Best Photography Blog
Jerome Lim 林坚源
The Long and Winding Road
Best Individual Blog
Ah Pou (阿宝)
Best Fashion Blog
Valyn Lim
it’s all about valyn
Domino’s Best Food Blog
Zhou Yiwei
GYSB Best Lifestyle Blog
Lim Lai Ping Karen
Story of Bing
Best Travel Blog
Ching Min Shen 陳明盛

Best WTH Blog

Peter Breitkreutz
Aussie Pete – Like That Also Can

Best Y Bloggist

Kirsten Han
funny little world
HTC Best Mobile Blog
Kevin Soh
Double Image
Asus Best Tech Blog
Elaine Chua
随心随笔 Write On White
Adonis Best Beauty Blog
The Moonberry Blog

DEAL.com.sg Best Shopping Blog
Darren Ang
Darren Bloggie


HTC Most Popular Overseas Celebrity Blog/Microblog
S.H.E Hebe

HTC Most Popular Local Celebrity Blog/Microblog
Jeanette Aw


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