Monday, August 01, 2011

I've Graduated from NTU Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering!

Finally...after 4 years, I've graduated from NTU, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.
From left: Alexis, Cheng Siong, Derrick, Junyue, Myself, Wei Ze.

All thanks to this wonderful person in the world, who had sacrificed most for me. She's none other than my mum. Bringing me up all by herself since I was seven, was definitely not easy for her. I want to thank my mum for seriously, EVERYTHING. When I was young, she's the one who would give up her drumstick for me. She's the one who button up my primary one school uniform, she's the one who taught me how to tie my shoelaces, she's the one who hit me hard on my knuckles with a recorder when I went rebellious.She's the one who gave me continuous support in life when my friends gave up on me...Without her, I wouldn't be able to be who I am, today. Sometimes, when I hear people complain about their parents, complain about how they don't want to stay with their parents after getting married... seriously, I think these people haven't really grown up....

The moment on stage!
Credits: Wang Han

Seen here with WeiZe, ChengSiong, Myself, Peishan, Yanpei. You seldom see pretty babes in you're seeing double. HAha.

Hall 14 kakis, Junyue and Justin, my buddy from hall who lend me a helping hand in times of need. Thanks brother!

Cousin, mum, myself, and Shoel. I'm surrounded by ladies! Haha.

Thanks Dear, you gave me lots of support during my final semester examinations, especially when Mum was in hospital, and I have no one to turn to. Thanks alot, those encouragements, smses, whatsapp msges, thanks... =)

Mum blends well with the background! Haha. LUV you much mum!

Another "family" portrait.. haha

One of the kakis from 八仙, Shuting. Haha, representative eh? Now call you shuting, 2 years later must call you Dr. Cai liao harh. Thanks for coming down!

Buddies since Secondary school days, still remember those days she sat beside me. We may grow old, but the Sam-Pat-ness in us remains. LoL.

Like this random pic that Shoel took!

Haha, don't you think Mum looks so cute here? I call her 慈禧太后... Dowager Empress!

Late evening... only left 4 of us there... Nicholas, Chengsiong, Wei Ze and myself...

We tried our best to get the "throw hats" shot..

And we tried...

Finally! Graduated!
I'm no more an undergraduate!
Officially part of the NTU Alumni!

Thanks to family and friends who were there with me these 4 years, you know who you are. Especially my Engin kakis and Shoel who gave me lots of support and assistance towards my last semester in NTU. Thank you so much! 4 years in NTU was definitely not easy... and for those who had walked out of my life, I will also like to thank you, because it was also you who had made me a stronger person! Life continues and it will rock even harder!

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