Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Singapore Zoo - Revisited!

It's been a while since I last updated my blog, been busy with Bosch Automotive Carnival, glad that it was a success!

Business back to usual, time to update my blog yea.

Was with Shoel at Singapore Zoo 2 weeks ago, hmm, the last time I visited the zoo was like... primary school? Lol, that was like 10 years ago man. (Hahahaha!)

Our Zodiac, Tiger~ He's yawning. Cute sia.

Resemblance? =X

Picking a fruit to eat... nibble nibble nibble

大象, 大象, 你的鼻子为什么那么长... Pinocchio's buddy yea.

The baboons!

Shoel and myself waiting for the show to start. Majiam National day parade yea.

I almost raised my hand...Zebras!

The king of the jungle! Lion...ROARRRRRRRR.

Shoel and myself ...


I think I look younger here. LoL...

The 马不知脸长's pony...

"meh~ meh~" Cute leh... another yawning shot. HAHA.

Monkey...a.k.a lao gao (hokkien) Like this shot.. candid sia.
"Come on, follow me..."

Rabbits...shoel's fave.

Another one...I'm not sure whether it's sleeping, or the eyes are simply too small to be seen!

Hiding at one corner...

Singapore Zoo - Revisited!
$20 entrance fee for adults, but remember to check out the show and feeding timings before you go to avoid disappointment!
Check the timings here!
Singapore Zoo Website

And after zoo...we went to collect our couple specs. Haha.
If you have not visited the zoo for more than 10 years, (like me), trust me, it's a different experience! =)


CS said...

it should be 18 years ago la.. haha

10 years ago, u are already in secondary school!! :)

kepleranneliese62 said...

Photo - really super!!! Thank you! You've just written the exact feelings i've gone throug