Monday, October 24, 2011

Thank You... Birthday Post came alittle late!

Okay, it's been exactly one month from my birthday. A little late, but better late than never yea!
Thanks to everyone who had spent your precious time to make my 25th a good one!

Thanks to the citibankers, S.G.A.X - Serling, Gina, Alvin and Xiuli...celebrated at Chomp Chomp, and ended with a dessert at dessert bowl... liked the simplicity, it wasn't a costly meal, but it was the companionship that matters. =)

It was Alvin's 24th bday as well..

The girls got us a very unique lychee cake... =) 有心了!

Followed by birthday celebration with NTU engineering friends... really was a surprised. Initially planned to celebrate with Shoel at waraku, and when I opened the door, saw the engineers waiting for me. Was totally so surprised that I kept mumbling "oh my god" , "oh my god" . Thanks to Cheng Siong who was secretly coordinating all this together with Shoel. Kam Dong Zuay Zuay lah!

And after that...of course I had my private time with my dearest. Haha, thanks for the present and accompanying me when the clock strikes 12. Though I have already told you, but I still want to repeat this again, really appreciate what you had done! <3 It was a night, full of surprises. Lol.

On the actual day, celebrated my birthday with Mum, the one who had brought me up since the last 25 years. *sings* How can I leave without you~ Haha. And the next day... the "Bu Ah Kias" (slang in Ang Moh Tone) flew to Bangkok! Sa Wa Dee Krup!

And had a meet-up with Sophia, Justin, Song Wei and Priscilla. Was a birthday treat for Pris and myself at a Turkish restaurant @ Bussorah Street... sorry guys, had a bad gastric that day and didn't really eat much. Appreciate your thoughts and special thanks to Justin for putting this up, despite our busy schedule!

And the last birthday treat comes from the 八仙 group... trust me, it was even harder to fix our 8 persons' schedules! Ended up only 7 came, Sharmen, another birthday boy can't make it. Had our dinner at Foster @ Holland V, and ended with dessert at cold rock. We have came a long way since secondary school, and everytime we meet up there will be never ending conversations, thanks for meeting up once again!

Okay... last but not least, also wanna thank my colleagues in Bosch for your wishes, sms/whatsapp/fb msg/twitter from all my friends! *90 degrees bow* Thanks for making my a quarter century old a good one! =)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Exploring Circle Line - Map In English and Chinese

Explored the new stations on circle line last Saturday together with Shoel.
Anyway created this map in both English and Chinese, for our seniors who aren't able to read and converse in English. Hope this helps. ;)

We started out with Caldecott station first, was quite curious where was it actually located...

Nice, tranquil place... probably is a newly open up area. You can count the cars on the road easily with your fingers.

If you walk down the shelter, Goodwood florist and MacRitchie Reservoir are just around the corner.

Series of jumpshots... kudos to Shoel for having the patience. Haha.

Another...not really high though.

Aiya...failed attempt.

Then, I started out planking. Boys, will be boys. Lol. I'm a GROWN-UP boy. Haha!

We found this mural at the station while waiting for our train...

Kind of interesting though, because it features the recollections of some Singaporeans. Those were the days...

Next place we explored was Botanic Gardens station. As usual, I was curious where the hell is this station. End up it was just opposite Cluny Court, where you can find relish by wildrocket. And within walking distance, you can also locate serene center, in which the famous Ice Cream place, Island Creamery can be found!

The MRT station is also located just beside Botanic Garden entrance...

Circle Line grand opening!

The main entrance...

But mind you...the park is so big that you have to take 30mins to walk to the main area. That's like my walking time from marymount to Ang Mo Kio! Oh man.

Caught this pic when Shoel wasn't ready. Haha, so cute. =X

We can't imagine ourselves walking for 30mins to the main area, and spend another 30mins walking back... haha. So we decided to move on to the next one... One North!

Well, this station is perhaps more for those working in this building. Coming out of the station will lead you to an office tower...

In which you can find some food and drinks stall, such as starbucks etc. But mind you, the shops close as early as around 8+ on weekends. Boring.

We tried to explore around one-north station, but around the area are pretty much industrial area. So... we didn't spend much time there either.

Head on to our last station... HARBOUR FRONT! Not to explore the place, but to have our dinner!

On the train...woohoo. Sexy legs. See see no touch touch. =X

Dinner at Vivocity 店小二...

We were so, mushrooms...

But wait. Pui Bah. I normally don't eat this dish lah, but this one was good! But prolly I was too hungry or something. Don't quote me yea, please try it out yourself. Haha...

Thanks to Circle Line, it's shrinking the dot on the map smaller now! =)

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Bloggers Styling Party @ In Square Salon

Was at In Square Salon's Bloggers Styling Party last Thursday. The stylists from In Square were there to give tips on styling and hair care.

In Square Salon, creative director, Ivan Hoo giving his opening speech to the invited guests.

That day also mark the launch of In Square Salon's style guide book. Do you dare to make a change to your current fashion trend?

Models Daniel Choong and Wendy Toh were there to grace the event as well.

Stylist Lucas Wong with Daniel...

Ivan was at the side explaining on the current hair trends for guys, and advising the guys out there to make a different in their hairstyle.

The transformation of Daniel...

Lucas making small perms and wave in Daniel's hair for his next look.

2nd look : Punk style.

*Behind the scene* Chill leh bros, that look from both of you seem like I owe you Jit Bah Buan leh. Haha.

*Behind the scene* On the other hand...this pic here depicts some "brotherhood" b/w Daniel and Lucas. Erm. Haha.

Done! Daniel and Lucas.

Not forgetting the ladies... the stylist at In Square salon also gave tips on styling and make-up too. In Square Salon stylist , Heidi Khor doing make-up for Model Wendy Toh.

Make-up in progress..

Heidi with Wendy. Sidenote: I thought Wendy looks abit like 包租婆.Okay lah, definitely not the face, I mean the hairstyle. Lol.

Wendy's transformation!

Ivan had also demonstrated to us how we can play around with ladies' hairstyle. Ivan looking serious here... bet Wendy was enjoying Ivan's hair sculpt massage eh?

See, don't mess with Ivan when he's at work. Haha.

Wendy feeling comfortable with Ivan around...

I can only say, "当一个人男人认真工作时,是最衰的。" lah, I mean 最帅的. "When a guy gets serious at work, never underestimate his charm" . Haha... look at Ivan, 真的是MAN刀!
Haha, jokes aside... Ivan, Wendy, together with In Square hairstylist, Shasha. She's a friendly lady from the land of all smiles, Thailand! Sa Wa Dee Krup!

Different looks of Wendy...

Shasha, Wendy and Ivan.

Blogger Evangeline also had her styling experience with hairstylist Heidi Khor...


Ivan giving explanations on Evangeline's styling.

Kudos to the Models and Insquare salon team!

And after the styling session, the night had just started! It's party time...InSquare in the house!
Stylist from In Square salon, Heidi, Serene, Shasha and Lucas.

Wendy, Ivan, Jonathan, Daniel and Lucas..

Ivan with his invited guests..

It's party time ! Ivan, Wendy, myself and Shoel...

Jeremy, Serene and myself..

With the very glam models, Wendy, Daniel and Hairstylist Ivan...

Shasha, Lucas, myself, Shoel and Serene here


With the Toh's siblings, Wendy and Dennis... who's also the man behind this event!

With my hairstylist Ivan!

Shoel and myself... posing infront of this familiar mirror... will always look at myself whenever I cut my hair. Haha.

Bloggers Styling Party @ In Square Salon success! 成功! Looking forward to the next!