Sunday, November 20, 2011

ELLE Awards 2011 - Joanne Peh best actress, George Young breakout star of the year!

Elle Awards 2011 was held at Avalon @ Marina Bay Sands on Thursday, 17th November 2011.
Many fasionistas & celebrities were there to grace the occasion, was there together with Huimin to witness the event, thanks for the invitation yea.

The theme was red...hmm, but not many dress up according to the theme yea. Lol.

Huimin & myself

A couple of awards were given out, Rebecca was there to give out the Actress and Actor of the Year award to Joanne Peh & Adrian Pang respectively..unfortunately both were unable to attend the event...

Breakout star of the year award goes to George Young, heard that he had many online votes as well. Pornsak had also won the Host of the year award. Congratulations!

There was also a fashion show featuring the Spring/Summer 2011 collections of koonhor and Raoul, paired with Swarovski eyewear and jewellery.

Ladies out there, any of the designs catch your eye?

More designs here...

Make-up artist of the year goes to Yuan Sng...

Hairstylist of the year - Eileen Koh

Singapore Designer of the year - Raoul

Once again,congratulations to all winners!

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DarKScoRpioN said...

Joanne Peh is definately one of best actresses in Singapore. Love to see her electrifyinf smile and awesome personality. Check out some beautiful scans of Joanne Peh.