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The Festive Season comes early - Wanbao and Festive Gourmet Food Trail, Tien Court and Mandarin Orchard

Thanks to & Wanbao, was invited to tag along their festive gourmet trail, 阿伦笑吃人间(Alan's Gastronomy), together with another blogger, Deenise Yang.

1st Station :
Tien Court:
Copthorne King's Hotel Singapore
403 Havelock Road
Singapore 169632

Stepped into the restaurant and could immediately feel the CNY mood in the air...

Prosperity Yu Sheng

Grew up knowing that Yu Sheng is always a "must-eat" dish during CNY, but not exactly sure what does each of the ingredients represent.
Thanks to the restaurant manager, who had distributed Ang Paos to everyone, with a small note on the meanings of each ingredient, here sharing with everyone...

1. Lime: Good Luck
2. Fish : Yearly bountiful return
3. 5 Spices (Green Packet): Good Fortune
4. Pepper (Red Packet) : Overflowing of business
5. Salad Oil: Smooth sailing of whatever thing you do!
6. Sweet plum sauce: Harmonies & Happiness
7. Cracker: Room of gold & lots of prosperity!

Credits: Tien Court

Look at everyone indulging in their first dish!

Deep fried pork belly marinated with preserved bean curd

Though as rojak as it can be, with century egg served as side dish, but it turn out to be a great dish. The Q-ness in the pork belly was just nice for me, but take note when introducing this dish to the elderly, some may not have the strength to chew on the meat!

Smoked Sugar Prawn Chicken

Chicken was tender, very different from what we usually eat in Singapore. Not only Hainanese chicken rice rule the world, Lol. Mixed it with the special sauce, and gives the overall taste a bonus point.

Steamed Sea Bream with Pickled Mustard Plant and Roast Pork

Fish was so-so for me. But I guess if the fish was mixed with the Roast Pork it could give a richer taste to the dish. But too bad, I rushed out to take a picture with the Chef and missed out the roast pork in the dish...was too late!

Wonder who's the big chef ?

He's none other than 何添财师傅, Chef Ho, from Taiwan. He had appeared in several local TV productions! A very friendly chef with no airs, but I'm very amused by his strong Taiwanese accent...

The next dish was a "Surprise Dish" by the chef... first look, I thought was Buddha Jump Over the wall... and thought my trial was damn worthwhile! (Opps, that SamPat look)

That slight yellow shine... came from fellow blogger Deenise who was taking her picture at the same time. Lol... not that general shine from this dish harh.

Okay... so the waiter lifted off the porcelain cover... hmm, nothing much right.

But when he started serving us, I realized it was a wrong judgement! Heard from 何师傅, Chef Ho, he had actually spent more than 8 hours in brewing this soup. Very rich in the ingredients, and will help in improving the overall appearance and beauty. It was a 家传秘方, hereditary dish from Chef Ho's Mum to him, but he added that of course, he cooked better than his Mum!

Glutinous Rice Dumpling on Ice

This was my favourite.
I remember from young, we had always eaten Glutinous Rice Dumpling in hot, peanut soup from the famous Ah Balling. But this was actually my first time eating it served cold. Very unique, and the ice melted in honey water, every sip down the throat you could feel the sweetness, representing the Chinese saying, "甜甜蜜蜜", harmonies and happiness.

Chef Ho mentioned that every coloring of the Glutinous Rice Dumpling were natural, no additives. Red/Pink color was made from dragonfruit, orange color was made from pumkin, as for the white... I'm sorry, I missed the details. Probably you wanna check out the dumplings and taste it yourself!

Another surprise dish was the nonya kuehs! Reminds me of the nonya show featuring Jeanette Aw only. Of course didn't had the chance to savor every single piece, but just by taking one piece was good enough! Need to reserve my stomach for Xmas feast later!

Dessert overdose! But the Nonya Kuehs was good lah.

Next stop, we took a coach and was dropped at Mandarin Orchard hotel, level 35 ballroom.

*Behind the scene* Heard one of the Wanbao helpers were saying, they got down the bus and shouted, "Everyone! Please proceed to level 53!"
Heng arh, thank god I wasn't on the same coach as them. LoL.
I think that bus of people didn't 捞 their 鱼生 enough lah. "Hiak-ni-sway" harh.

Immediately change of festive mood! Xmas in the air! *We wish you a merry christmas...we wish you a merry christmas~ *

Everyone was given a xmas hat, christmas deco, giving the overall xmas feel a bonus touch!

Xmas feast menu from Mandarin Orchard Hotel.

Ah Lun seen here with the Chef introducing the appetizer...

前菜 红绿苹果凉拌菜
Appetizer - Winter Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette

One word - 酸. Sour.
Okay lah, appetizer, that sour taste from apple helps one to have more appetite for the next dish.

热汤 南瓜松子仁浓汤
Soup - Pumpkin Soup with Pine Nut

I think the Pine Nuts add wonders to the soup here.

Ah Lun seen here with another Chef explaining on more dish...

主菜 文华传统蜜火腿, 炉烤菠菜鲑鱼卷
Main Dish - Honey Glazed Gammon Ham & Baked Salmon Wellington in Brioche

Opps, had forgotten to take picture for the surprise dish, Turkey with Chinese Herbs.

甜品 白兰地圣诞布丁
Dessert - Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce

Fellow blogger Deenise with myself, putting on the Xmas hat! "Ho Ho Ho!"

The organising team had also celebrated Ah Lun's birthday...

Ah Lun couldn't hide his emotions from the crowd... it was a surprised celebration for him, he mentioned that he usually don't celebrate his birthday!

The massive 100+ turnout for the festive gourmet trail!

Once again, thanks to and wanbao for the invitation!

Lastly, listen to the staff from Mandarin Orchard Hotel sings and dance to the tune of familiar xmas songs!

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